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Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation Brings Franchise Back To Its Horrific Roots

Creative Assembly's new Alien title, announced today, dials down the action in favor of the tense horror of the original Ridley Scott film.

Unlike many past games in the franchise, Isolation isn't about running and gunning - in fact, it's an experience more like Amnesia than AvP.

"Games in the past have looked at James Cameron's 'Vietnam in space' angle, but people haven't really dived into the wealth of the original source of Alien."

As a result, it's more of a survival horror game, casting the player as Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda Ripley, who's being stalked by a single, fearsome xenomorph in the Sevastopol Station as she's on a mission to find out what happened to the Nostromo, the ship from the original Alien.

Using very limited weapons and the iconic motion tracker, you'll be much more the mouse than the cat. From what we've seen, it looks like the Alien game that's most true to the spirit of the series, and should hopefully help right the franchise's ship after its recent struggles.

  • Well we can all trust Sega will be terrific at delivering a great game we have been waiting. Just kidding, they're getting our hopes up once again.

  • Finally, an Alien game in the vein of the first movie!  Hopefully it will be good, unlike some other Alien games (lookin at you, Colonial Marines).

  • It certainly looks interesting, but considering how Alien games have been in the past... I'd advise you all to not get your hopes up.

  • Mod

    I think this is still too soon, considering the colossal flop of Colonial Marines :/.  While  I appreciate the dedication of making this atmospheric and paying respect to Alien, i just think this doesn't look terrific.  It's playing out pretty much like the movie, so i'm not having a lot of suspense with it.  

    Until more info and details are revealed, this isn't on my radar.  I kinda get a Outlast vibe from this trailer. I still feel so betrayed from the past games for the Aliens franchise :/  And to be honest, I liked Alien, but Aliens will always be my fav of the two.

  • I generally do not like horror games. But an Alien horror game? Sign me the hell up. This looks great so far.

  • This is enough for me to forget the aliens: Colonial marines. I'm really hoping this game is as good as it looks. I'm really willing to bet that this amnesia/slender-man-ish/survival horror gameplay is the future of true horror gaming. Totally excited to see whats coming.

  • This seems like a step in the right direction for the franchise.  I am much more interested in a title like this than the recent Colonial Marines fiasco.

  • this could go either way right now, but I'll be in touch for more details

  • Well I hope they don't *** it up this time or no one will touch this franchise in a very long time

  • I wonder if those shots are actually from the game, or just fake like the e3 footage

  • Awesome!

  • Already looks better than Colonial Marines, but will it blend?

  • Did you guys plan for the headline images on the main sight for both this and Evolve to line up the way the do? Go look, it's pretty eerie.

  • Crossing my fingers.

  • I hope they don't change this in the middle of development like Aliens CM.


  • Sounds like a cool, fresh approach.  I'll key my eye on this.

  • They're still gonna find ways to mess this up.