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  • Blog Post: Be Smart Or Be Dead In Alien: Isolation

    Life is fleeting in this pair of new trailers for Alien: Isolation, showing some of what does and does not work when trying to fool a xenomorph. This pair of short vignettes demonstrates that it's not enough to be a one-trick pony in the game if you hope to survive. Situations develop rapidly, and... More
  • Blog Post: Alien: Isolation Has Made Me A Believer

    Earlier this year, I got to play Alien: Isolation for the first time. The demo was thrilling and I walked away wanting more, but, as I pointed out in this month’s cover story, I didn’t have a whole lot of context for what I was seeing. The Creative Assembly did a great job of setting up the... More
  • Blog Post: Video Vignettes Show Three Ways To Blow It

    Make no mistake, the alien in Alien: Isolation is lethal. If you try to engage it head on, the way you may have done in previous games that feature the species, you're not going to survive. To commemorate the fragility of human life, Sega and The Creative Assembly have released three videos that... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Outlines Survivor Mode DLC For Alien: Isolation

    Survival is always your first priority in an Alien game, but Alien: Isolation's Survivor Mode presents players with even more difficult challenges. Sega and developer Creative Assembly have released a new trailer highlighting the mode, which tasks players with meeting certain objectives in maps and... More
  • Blog Post: No Escaping From This New Trailer

    Alien: Isolation has gone gold, which means that it is finished and getting prepared for its retail release on October 7. To mark the occasion, Sega and Creative Assembly have released a new short trailer to give you an idea of the terror that awaits you. The video below, "No Escape," is the... More
  • Blog Post: One Merciless Alien, Countless Bloody Deaths

    Creative Assembly had its work cut out for it with Alien: Isolation. Not only is it extremely challenging to transpose a 1979 horror film to the interactive medium, but the studio and publisher Sega have to win back fans turned off by Gearbox's 2013 Colonial Marines fumble. I spent five hours and... More
  • Blog Post: 'Alien' Cast Reflects On The Film As They Reprise Roles In Alien: Isolation

    From everything we've seen and played of the game so far , The Creative Assembly is treating Alien: Isolation's source material, the 1979 Alien , with reverence. According to members of the film's cast, they knew that they were working on something special at the time, too. A new video shows... More
  • Blog Post: We Meet Up With Alien: Isolation's Creepy Androids

    The xenomorph is one of the big draws of Alien: Isolation, but the sleek alien isn't the only threat that Amanda Ripley faces. As we saw in a new E3 demo, she'll have to avoid the deadly creature while also fending off attacks from humans and androids. We saw a human survivor in the demo, and... More
  • Blog Post: Surviving In Alien: Isolation

    In Alien: Isolation, surviving the deadly and relentless xenomorph is always your first thought. But there are other things that weigh on players' minds which help make the game a tense, gripping experience. Amanda Ripley is a survivor on the Sevastopol space station, but she's not the only one... More
  • Blog Post: Explore The Cast Of Alien: Isolation In New Developer Diary

    Digitizing real people and putting them into a game used to be the stuff of science fiction films such as Tron , but now it's an everyday practice in the video game industry. Watch The Creative Assembly's newest developer diary, which explains how the studio turned it's voice talent into... More
  • Blog Post: Why We're Excited For The Next Alien Game

    Like a nest of xenomorph eggs being eradicated, fans of the Aliens franchise have been burned. Alien: Colonial Marines failed spectacularly to live up to expectations, leaving gamers with shaky trust in developers' ability to transpose the onscreen tension into a worthwhile game. Creative Assembly... More
  • Blog Post: Alien: Isolation Developer Diary Details The Retro-Future Aesthetic

    The latest developer diary for the upcoming Alien: Isolation showcases the game's future-from-the-past production design. The team made a decision early-on in development that it wouldn't include any technology that couldn't have been created in 1979 to be used on the original film's... More
  • Blog Post: New Trailer Focuses On The Sounds Of Terror

    Manipulating sound is one of the most effective ways to manage tension in movies and games. A new trailer from the team at The Creative Assembly shows how they're incorporating music, foley effects, and more as they develop Alien: Isolation. The clip below shows some of the recording sessions for... More
  • Blog Post: The Developers Explain The Terror Of Survival

    Video games attached to the Alien franchise have had a spotty track record in the past, but Alien: Isolation looks to be shaping up promisingly as a true survival horror game. A new video interview and supporting Q&A have been released by Sony, providing a lot of information about the game and the... More
  • Blog Post: New Trailer Shows How Creative Assembly Is Building Their Creature

    Alien: Isolation is bringing back the horror from the first film, which is a departure from the past few games based on the Aliens license. A new trailer shows how developer The Creative Assembly is building their alien to be the ruthless hunter we first met. The video doesn't feature too many lingering... More
  • Blog Post: Alien: Isolation Brings Franchise Back To Its Horrific Roots

    Creative Assembly's new Alien title, announced today, dials down the action in favor of the tense horror of the original Ridley Scott film. Unlike many past games in the franchise, Isolation isn't about running and gunning - in fact, it's an experience more like Amnesia than AvP. "Games... More
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