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Alien: Isolation

New Trailer Shows How Creative Assembly Is Building Their Creature

Alien: Isolation is bringing back the horror from the first film, which is a departure from the past few games based on the Aliens license. A new trailer shows how developer The Creative Assembly is building their alien to be the ruthless hunter we first met.

The video doesn't feature too many lingering shots of the xenomorph, so you'll have to keep your eyelids wide open if you want to see the creature. As the team describes (and as I wrote about in an earlier preview), the game is built around an alien A.I. that's aware of its surroundings and acts accordingly, as opposed to relying on preset paths. It was effective when I played it, and the clip is a reminder of why it works so well.

Alien: Isolation is set for a late 2014 release on the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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  • Finally, it leaves. My vision is blurry. My motion tracker suggests its stalking pattern has gone back to normal; it is moving away from me. Satisfied, I get out of the locker and feel sheepish for hiding and I start to walk towards my destination on the tracker. The blip comes back, rounding on me. I should go slow, I think. No sudden movements. The blip gets closer. Go slow, I say to myself. Slow. Baby steps. Slower. But it's right behind me. It's right behind me. I can hear its feet on the floor. It's coming here. I can see the door. I can see the door. If I run I can make it. I'm going to do that thing that you know you can't do but I feel like the goal is right there. I run. My hands grab the door release. The tail plunges through my stomach - Amanda's stomach - whatever - and the screen goes black. "It can see you if you move quickly," one of the developers says. Yes, I think. Well done you bastards. Well done
  • remember that time i pooped myself?
  • As long as they keep it at just one Alien for an enemy, then this shall be an enjoyable experience.

  • Fingers crossed this turns out well, but I'm not getting my hopes up yet.
  • I'm very excited for this. The name Gearbox isn't on it anywhere and the fact that it's a horror game rather then shooter makes it that much more enticing to me.
  • I am keeping my eye on this game.Hopefully it turns out well.

  • I love Alien, so I'm extremely excited for this. It could turn out to be crap, but for right now, I am going to be optimistic about it.

  • Well here is hoping I am not disappointed with this one. I have hope, but we shall see.

  • I am hoping its alot like Outlast by Red Barrel Games. Loved everything about it. I see this as being probably the best Alien game to date.

  • I want the aliens to be as ruthless and frightening as never before! if that happens, then this will be a great game!

  • If this game turns out as awesome as it looks, I will never play it because my poor little heart can't handle it.
  • The fact that these guys are showing so much, talking about everything, and frequently doing both, I am very optimistic for the game. I think an action game with the Aliens license could work very well but this seems like a proper first step to some great Alien/s games.
  • This could be the one we've been waiting for.

  • If they can create a convincing AI this could be quite fun...for about 15 minutes. My glass is half empty.
  • Fingers crossed.

  • No matter how many times I've watched the movies, played the games or dream about the scary experience my skin always crawls just knowing a Xenomorph could be right around the corner. No matter how happy I am to get all the information about this game each time I constantly have to keep myself reserved due to the terrible showing Alien has produced within the last few years. Prometheus was a complete slap in the face to any original Alien fan and the game of AVP just didn't do the right things to get the player to feel like death is unavoidable when dealing with a Xenomorph. Finally, Alien: Colonial Marine is the main reason why I'm not getting my hopes up about this game. With how excited and overjoyed I was with each trailer, it was a terrible failure that will be hard to overlook in the Alien catalog.

    I will pre-order this game, I will jump at the chance to get the collector's edition if one is made but I will be waiting until the last possible minute to find out if this one will need to be rented first. Come on Sega, make the Alien fans proud and give us something long overdue!

  • This looks like it will be absolutely AMAZING! I can't wait to hear more about the Alien's AI and how it will react to the player.

  • Words cannot describe how excited I am! Though after Colonial Marines, I am afraid of being this pumped.

  • it would be interesting if you can play with other players, just they're on their own also in another part of the maze. all trying to reach the same objective. if one dies you can hear their screams then just silence.. that would be epic and pretty scary.

  • Im excited yet cautious on this. Looks and sounds great tho. Definitely interested and have already put it in my Gamefly queue.
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