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Creativity win!

I was skeptical about this game due to mixed reviews but am glad I took a chance. Simply put I was blown away.

The focus of this game is on atmosphere and story, with gameplay revolving around platforming and exploration/collecting goodies, with a decent amount of fun combat thrown into the mix.

The art design is phenomonal as you journey through a continually changing landscape. Alice herself looks amazing with a large variety of great looking dresses (some of which are only available as DLC). Weapons are unique and fun to use and enemy designs not only look good but provide interesting combat scenarios based on their specific weaknesses.

If you are interested in more than just great combat and gameplay, and enjoy exploring immersive worlds packed with creativity and amazing sights, then Alice: Madness Returns is the game for you.

If you have any interest in this game at all then I can not recommend it highly enough.

The Good: Amazing art design and creativity, Fantastic landscapes, atmosphere, costumes, and enemies, Fun and varied combat, Great weapons, A good story, Really long (20ish hours), Memory collection is fun and adds to the story, Lots to see and do.

The Okay: The presentation of the story can be a little confusing at times.

The Bad: Some overly long sections (level 5), Some poor textures in places.


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