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  • Blog Post: Alan Wake's American Nightmare Review

    In the first installment of the Alan Wake series, developer Remedy Entertainment invited gamers to experience a mystery with no end. After leaving Alan in a precarious position at Cauldron Lake, gamers flocked to message boards to provide clarity to this game’s story. Was Alan an asylum escapee... More
  • Blog Post: Alan Wake's American Nightmare Introduces Fight Till Dawn Mode

    The latest installment in Remedy Entertainment's developer diary sheds light on a new game mode for the XBLA title. Fight Till Dawn mode is an arcade mode that sounds like a survival horde mode filled with new enemies, lots of weapons, unlockables, and more. Be sure to check out the developer diary... More
  • Blog Post: In Tonight’s Episode Of Night Springs, Fiction Becomes Reality

    American Nightmare bears the Alan Wake title, and it is releasing after the original Alan Wake, but the story and gameplay make the Xbox Live Arcade exclusive more of a side story to Wake’s expanding battle with darkness. “It’s definitely not a sequel to Alan Wake,” says Oskari... More
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