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Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Remedy Releases Developer Diary For Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Gamers can jump into the warped world of Alan Wake again on February 22, and the team at Remedy has decided to sit on some chairs and talk about the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title.  

The dev diary below features three of the minds behind American Nightmare talking about the project's origin, what fans should expect, and how it differs from the original Alan Wake. It also has some dumb stuff happening in the background, which you'll notice if you get tired of staring at the people who are talking. 

When you're done watching the developer diary, read this story for our speculation on how the story of American Nightmare and Alan Wake tie together. Then check back in the coming weeks for our full review of Remedy's spin-off, standalone adventure. 

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  • Alan Wake sits atop with the best games from 2010 in my book. I've got high hopes for this, might even replay Alan Wake to catch up on the story again.
  • Mod

    This-this has giant spiders as enemies?! Oh God no... why'd it have to be spiders? ;_;

  • The first Alan Wake had fairly repetitive gameplay but I could not get enough of the story. I will probably download this when it releases.

  • Looks fun - will check it out

  • Anybody else notice the guys in the background at 1:16 and 2:00?
  • i LOVED the first alan wake..cant wait for this one1! <3  ;)

  • Sigh...another game with giant spiders. Us arachnophobes just can't catch a break.

  • Never played the original, but I've always wanted to.  I definitely gotta check this one out too

  • Cant wait for this, this gets me psyched up even more.

  • I LOVED Alan was one of my favorite games of 2010 and I"m so glad they made another game.  Hopefully this does well and they get to make a fully fledged Alan Wake 2.

  • I never had the pleasure of playing the original but once I do I'm going to definitely play this. On a side note, your telling me while they're doing this Developer Diary they don't see anything that's going on in the background?

  • Sawed Off Shotguns and Uzi's? Ugh. Alan Wake's realistic take on weaponry is now out the window. Still might get it. But I'm definitely cautious as it's definitely more action oriented.

  • The first game was so good! Can't wait for this one.
    And what's with the things in the background/ i mean it has nothing to do with Alan Wake? Nevermind...
  • Alan wake is hand down one of the most underrated games of all time. Instead of getting the gears and halo this is what gamers should be picking up. A well polished game with an amazing single players and a huge variety of enemies. I for one can't wait to play more Alan wake.