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  • Blog Post: More Like A Bad Dream

    Alan Wake was a divisive new IP by Remedy, creators of the highly acclaimed Max Payne series. It had its detractors who argued it was less of a game and more of an interactive TV show on rails, while others (myself included) found it a compelling little experiment. Until Remedy makes enough money though... More
  • Blog Post: Not the same Alan Wake but still fun to play.

    Let me start by saying this about this game, you don't really have to have played the original to play this. I suggest you do because the original is a great game and I never wrote a review but it would get a 9 from me. To all others lets begin. I will not get into the story and instead will explain... More
  • Blog Post: American Nightmare is a Wake fan's dream.... sort of.

    Alan Wake's American Nightmare has solid gameplay without a doubt. It improves the enemies you face from the first game (and it takes away that strange enemy dialogue) and adds more action into the mix. Also adding more weapons to this mix like a combat shotgun, an M16 or even the nail gun! Plot... More
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