Okay, the first Alan Wake was a beautifully designed masterpiece that blewn my mind in every psychological aspect. So how does the new one, Alan Wake American Nightmare hold up?Not as good as the original. First, this is a great starter for people who have not been inrroduced to the Alan Wake series. It does get confusing at times, but confusion is usaully replaced with good gameplay.

Lets go with the problems real quick-like: The story does not explain really anything expierienced in the first game, manuscripts are a pain in the a** to find, and some of the voice acting and enviorments are repeated. Pacing is not done as well in the first game and the plot is sometimes difficult to follow along with.

Now pros: Gorgeous game with real interesting gameplay and enemies, hitting the enemy with light causes their darkness to deplete, then its a quick fill em' with bullets. There are many gun varieties and enemy types, combat is fast, fluid, and a blast, and Mr. Scratch (spoiler) is one hell ov a villain. Some characters and setpieces are interesting. Fun Arcade mode too.

Conclusion: Fun, fast, and frantic action game with interesting gameplay, story not always easy to follow, good way to spend spare $12 bucks, not for everybody.