Let me start by saying this about this game, you don't really have to have played the original to play this.  I suggest you do because the original is a great game and I never wrote a review but it would get a 9 from me.  To all others lets begin.

I will not get into the story and instead will explain the game play and modes.  There is a story mode which is the main mode and this mode has you finding items you will need and fighting taken.  You can collect manuscript pages which add to the story and allow you to open up weapon cases that include guns such as a SMG, Magnum, and even a Combat Shotgun.  There are a lot more guns in this game than the original. This one is more action focused and does not have the atmosphere or the thrill of the original.  While I do not like that I will say the action in this game if fun and the story was OK but nothing special. There are new enemies besides the normal taken.  One is the Spliter which as the name implies, will split once you shine light on it.  They are weak and can be annoying but do add something to the game.  There are Taken Grenaders as I call them that stay back and launch darkness filled grenades(lol I am not lying), spiders which can be destroyed by light and come in numbers, and last an enemy that will turn into a flock of crows and then re-animate back into a taken.  The story is easy to complete and I had more fun trying to get all the manuscript pages so I could use better weapons in arcade mode. 

The other mode is Arcade Mode.  I found this mode to be real fun.  You choose a level and for 10 minutes you have to survive in till dawn.  You score more points by killing enemies and not getting hit yourself.  So for example, you are 5 minutes in and haven't been hit yet so your multiplier is at 6x but if you get hit it restarts.  So learning the maps and weapons while dodging attacks is fun.  You get rated by points which turns into stars.  3 stars is the max and once you do the original 5 maps you can start doing Nightmare difficulty for each map. I was very happy with this mode and I honestly enjoyed this mode more than the story.  

Overall I wish the story mode was more like the original in being focused on atmosphere and never knowing if your going to have enough ammo for the next round of enemies.  But I believe Remedy found something in the arcade mode and maybe adding co-op and more maps will make this mode that much more enjoyable. So fans of the original, just know the story mode isn't bad but I enjoyed the original a lot more.  I do like Mr.Scratch though and the story isn't bad, it was just something I didn't get into like the original. Arcade mode was a blast and it does add some re-playability.  Remember, you don't have to play the first one to play this really but I recommend you do just for continuity.    It is worth the 15 bucks and it will kill a few hours.  About 5 for the story and then arcade is another 2-3 hours.  I hope this gives you an idea if you like the game so enjoy!