Alan Wake's American Nightmare has solid gameplay without a doubt. It improves the enemies you face from the first game (and it takes away that strange enemy dialogue) and adds more action into the mix. Also adding more weapons to this mix like a combat shotgun, an M16 or even the nail gun!

Plot wise it is not the strongest thing to have, but it does have a good idea. Basically Alan is trapped in  an episode of (The Twighlight Zone) Night Springs he wrote years ago, but has altered it so that he can fight the Darkness.  The story s a spin-off, what if type scenario but also makes sense with the original game. Wake fans will like this game, no doubt, and new comers can at least enjoy it but they will be completely lost.
As the conflict between Alan and his new nemesis Scratch continues the plot reveals that you are inside of a time loop and must repeat the scenario over until you find all the clues to escape from this particular episode.


Arcade Mode is a new feature which is the same as Survival in other games. You basically last through waves of enemies until sunrise, but the waves are not set only the time is set so it is a race against the clock and your own skill. Because if you do really well, really fast then you're in for a fight and a lot of points. On the other hand if you aren't great you can't get more levels, so it s a method for training yourself to the the gameplay. 


In Summary: Fans will enjoy the game as a whole. Story fanatics will be somewhat disappointed, but satisfied by the scenario and the gameplay along with a new mode makes this a great game.