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  • Blog Post: Alan Wake - Playing a Novel

    This review can also be found at Alan Wake Playing a novel. Developed by Remedy Entertainment Published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360, Windows Released May 18, 2010 (360), February 16, 2012 (PC) As we inch closer to a future... More
  • Blog Post: Not bad for £6.

    It's very rare that I'd be willing to give something a second chance what with the amount of stuff out there. I hated this game for the longest time and I can't even remember why anymore. It's pretty fun, and I'm glad I went back to it. Story The story surrounds a writer who is suffering... More
  • Blog Post: Bright Falls (cont.)

    When I started up my Xbox 360 and saw that Bright Falls was available for download I thought... hmm what is this Bright Falls crap. I go into this mini series thinking its going to be a knock off of some terrible B rated film that Xbox was giving Live members for free. Then i thought wait... Xbox doesn't... More
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