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  • Blog Post: Alan Wake - Playing a Novel

    This review can also be found at Alan Wake Playing a novel. Developed by Remedy Entertainment Published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360, Windows Released May 18, 2010 (360), February 16, 2012 (PC) As we inch closer to a future... More
  • Blog Post: Not bad for £6.

    Alan Wake is a game that borrows heavily from some of the most famous pieces of horror writing in recent years. Taking cues from the likes of Stephen King, and Hitchcock. That being said it doesn't ever feel as though it's just lazily stealing ideas, most of the concepts that are used seem to... More
  • Blog Post: Bright Falls (cont.)

    When I started up my Xbox 360 and saw that Bright Falls was available for download I thought... hmm what is this Bright Falls crap. I go into this mini series thinking its going to be a knock off of some terrible B rated film that Xbox was giving Live members for free. Then i thought wait... Xbox doesn't... More
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