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  • Blog Post: Alan Wake - A Nightmare Worth Experiencing

    If you've ever seen any of Alfred Hitchcock's renowned psychological thrillers, then you're no stranger to how they bend logic and consciousness into something dark and disturbing in order to create an enthralling sense of suspense. Alan Wake , Remedy's own psychological thriller, is... More
  • Blog Post: Audio and Environment Make Alan Wake a Truly Great Horror Experience

    The fog grows dense. The wind picks up. The night gets darker. Lights flicker. You know a large number of enemies are coming, but the tension and anticipation grows nevertheless. These events in and of themselves make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, and the sound effects that accompany them... More
  • Blog Post: "The Poet and His Muse" An Alan Wake Review.

    Alright so recently i went to Gamestop for my birthday to get Dragon Age 2, but i wanted to get something else as well, I thought about Call Of Duty: World at War for a moment But then decide That "Hey i could get this any day and i wouldn't be getting any thing new to the table" so instead... More
  • Blog Post: Variety is Key

    I began playing Alan Wake because I am a big horror fan, but the problem is, I don't find too many games all that scary. With that said Alan Wake is pretty creepy. It uses it's atmosphere to great lengths and overall it adds to the experience. Hell, I'd say it is the experience. I feel the... More
  • Blog Post: My Alan wake review

    Alan wake is the long awaited project for the developers at Remedy and has been on hold for a long time. And let me tell you its worth the wait Alan wake is a beautiful game with awesome graphics and precise controls that never slow down the fast paced shooter and a killers story line that makes you... More
  • Blog Post: Alan Wake, where story and atmosphere get the limelight

    Alan Wake is a game for the Xbox 360 that spent about five years in development, mostly because Bethesda got halfway through it and decided they didn’t like it anymore for some reason. Following its stay at Bethesda, it was handed off to Remedy, who went about crafting a well put together Psychological... More
  • Blog Post: Alan Weak

    Since its Announcement at E3, I couldnt wait to get my hand on it. With the horror genre slowly dying, I hoped that Alan Wake would jump new life into the genre. Years have past, and the game has finally been released. It fought through delays and rumors of it being canceled but its finally here. Will... More
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