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  • Blog Post: Transform Your Xbox 360 Into A MOBA Machine Today

    Carbon Games' superb free-to-play MOBA has finally hit Xbox 360 consoles. For those still wondering what the game is all about, the studio has provided a launch trailer. AirMech Arena is a twin-stick MOBA that aims to bring fast-paced and strategic gameplay to a system that may be bereft of the genre... More
  • Blog Post: Three New Screens And A Beta Date Announced For The MOBA

    Carbon Games' fighting and transforming robot-based free-to-play MOBA is getting a closed beta. The beta for the twin-stick title will have all the features of the main game, including single-player modes and competitive and cooperative multiplayer. To sign up, all you need to do is visit the AirMech... More
  • Blog Post: A Fast-Paced, Brilliant Twin-Stick MOBA

    Prior to Ubisoft's announcement that it would be publishing Airmech Arena on Xbox 360, I hadn't given Carbon Games' free-to-play title much attention. I had heard the name, but with a flood of MOBAs (and MOBA-like) titles on PC, I never managed to turn in its direction. That was a mistake... More
  • Blog Post: Fight Between Land And Air This Summer

    Likely inspired by Japanese cartoons of the past, AirMech: Arena puts you in control of a giant transforming mech in a situation that will be familiar to real-time strategy and MOBA fans. Players control a mech, which can transform between a flying vehicle and a walking robot, and command armies for... More
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