I noticed many of my Assassin brethren can't seem to figure out exactly which role they play in the Abyss. For those people that are having difficulty, I decided to write up my experiences with solo PvP in the Abyss.

First, some Assassin basics regarding PvP.


  • We can Hide and fly. Perfect for hunting.
  • Instant Stuns: Prevents them from reacting until you've got them down at least 1/2 health.
  • Very high DPS: to finish the job
  • We can cause less experienced players to panic when we appear out of nowhere with a barrage of attacks.


  • Can't go around looking for fights without examining the situation.
  • We can't fight more than one experienced player at a time.
  • We aren't much help in massive-scale pvp. Because we are melee, the second we jump into that pile of reds with Ambush, we're done.
  • Tanking classes will withstand our initial attack and then show US how it's done.

So, lets get to the PvP!

Setting up for PvP

First, bind in your local city that gives you free access to the Abyss- don't bind in the Abyss itself. Purchase some good Health Potions and Flight Potions, you'll be using them. I prefer the instant health potions over the heal-over-time potions, because when you need HP, you need it *now*. 10 or 20 should be enough for a while.
Set up the "early warning" chat box that you can find here in the Guide section (Step 2).

Finding a target

Once you're in the Abyss, get out of the noob areas immediately- you have no chance against gank squads, even if it's just a couple of guys. Instead, fly far out to some little islands.
Keep flying around but stay away from high traffic areas. Watch your radar. Remember that the red dots only appear when you're looking in that direction, so spin around often.

The moment you see an enemy, back off out of radar range, land and Hide if necessary. You need to appraise the situation, so you should recharge your wings a bit to get a better look. If they saw you, then you no longer have the advantage, and I recommend Hiding and flying off until they think you're gone away. (If they are using the early warning chat box, they will see you use the Hide skill. But that doesn't always mean they saw you and know *where* you are hiding.)

Gathering Intel

Click Hide, take off and fly closer to your targets. (Yes, you can fly while hidden). If it's a group, back off and continue hunting. If it's one or two, appraise them.

  • What's their class?
  • Do you understand their class and the possible defenses? (Offensive skills aren't a huge deal- you can't take many hits anyway.)
  • What's their Abyss rank? (Remember that this can be deceiving, so don't base everything on this).
  • What level skills are they using? (You did set up your early warning chat window, right?)
  • If you're really savvy, alt-tab quickly and look up their name on Aiononline to check their real level. (Don't force yourself to use this until after you feel more comfortable with pvp.)
  • Don't forget to look around and make sure you're alone!


Now that you have some intel, you can back off out of range and prepare- eat food, cast the 1-2 minute buffs like Clear Focus and Apply Poison, activate power shards, and generally psych yourself up.

Time for the attack. Hide, and fly back to him. This time, land behind him, within 15 meters or so. Wait until he aggros a mob or two so he is distracted! This will allow you to cast your short-term buffs (decloaking you in the process), right before you Ambush him. Don't worry, if you're behind him, he won't see you decloak until it's too late.

AMBUSH. Surprise Attack. Assassinate.

The longer the battle lasts, the less chance you have to kill him. Just unload on him. When you run out of attacks, start dropping runes.

After your initial attack, he will get out of stun and hopefully be near 1/2 health. Now it gets trickier, because he will attempt to fight back, heal, or run away. This is why you must end the battle as quickly as possible. If your initial round of attacks seems to do little damage, then you'll need to decide whether to fight, or to run while you still can.

So, if you really surprised him, he'll panic and start backing up to get away from you. Don't let him get any range! Get ready for his heals/counterattacks, so prepare your Focused Evasion and Rune detonations and hit it as soon as he starts powering up some offensive skills. Keep close to him and keep mashing those buttons until he dies.

  • If he tries to fly away (he won't if you poisoned him... you did, right?), remember to use Dash Attack in the air to keep hitting him.
  • If he runs away, you're in luck- a target running from you is the perfect setup for another Surprise Attack or Ambush. Turn on Sprint and take him out.

The whole battle will last under 30 seconds. Get out of there before his buddies show up, and find a safe spot to collect yourself.

(Tip- if he is a Cleric, or a noob with a res stone, and he doesn't immediately teleport out, then he's either waiting for his friends, OR he's waiting until you leave. Pretend you're running away till you're almost off radar. Hide, and return. Chances are he'll self-res, and you can gank him again- this time it'll only take a couple of hits, and he won't self-res again. I always feel bad when this happens, but he should have known better.)

Running Away

So what if they fight goes sour? Maybe that Gladiator you picked had just enough armor to make you ineffective. Well, what do assassins do if they fail? They run and hide. Get the hell out of there!
I recommend either jumping off a ledge and then popping out your wings, and fly in one direction. As soon as you can- HIDE and change flight direction. Even if they trigger a skill to reveal you, you've gained a couple seconds on them, usually enough so they can't catch you.
Or, if you have the DP skill Wind Walk, pop that sucker and turn tail. Wind Walk is a level 31 DP skill that allows you to Advanced Hide (so they can't reveal you) for about 10-20 seconds, and increases your speed so you can run away.

Being Hunted

One last point I wanted to make- if another assassin is hunting you, they will employ the same tactics. They will also Hide until they are right behind you. For this, always remember your Searching Eye skill. This way they will think they have the advantage of a surprise attack, when in fact it will be YOU that surprises them as soon as they are in Ambush range. *To prevent this from happening against you, check "Show Target's Target" in your options, and you'll know if he has you targeted and ready to Ambush.

But remember, against other assassins it's about who lasts the longest. Don't panic, just wait out his stuns, pop a potion, and then counterattack. You won't be able to run away- He can poison you so you can't fly away, or he can Dash Attack over and over if you try to fly away, or he will Ambush from a distance if you try running. This is one battle you will have to endure, whether you are winning or not.

In summary, remember that we are assassins, not tanks or ranged DPS. The key word for abyss survival is "hunting". We are hunters. We fly around searching for potential targets, and when we spot someone, we back off and plan the attack. If the attack does not go as planned, we must run away and hide, and go find another target.