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Ace Patrol

Sid Meier's Ace Patrol Available On PC Today

Sid Meier's Ace Patrol, the formerly mobile exclusive free-to-play strategy game from Firaxis, is available today on PC.

The game is available to download through Steam. The PC version of the game is not free-to-play, like its mobile counterpart. It's the premium version of the game, and it will set you back $9.99.

Head here to read our review of the mobile game, which released back in May.

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  • I was hoping it would be free to play as well.

  • Your game is $1 on mobile? CHARGE $15 ON PC. Asses.
  • I think it's grossly misleading to refer to a game as "free to play" on mobile when you pay for it on a console or PC--without including the details.

    Here's what people don't seem to consider, and it might take a sternly written blog to get through to some. Games that are "free" on mobile often come in two forms: Either they require microtransactions to get the whole experience (so you're paying anyway), OR, they are loaded with advertisements.

    Since they can't necessarily incorporate boatloads of ads into PC and console games--and I frankly do not want to see that kind of future--they can only make money by CHARGING for the games.

    Ace Patrol only makes money by in-app purchases (maybe some ads, I haven't seen), and that is why it can succeed as "free to play" on mobile. The better way to make money on PC (or console) for it would be to just charge a flat price for it.

    I think $7 for another Sid Meier title is probably a pretty good deal. Hardly worth complaining about, if you understand the facts. I wonder if it'll come to consoles?

    This game is *not* $6.99 on PC. It is $9.99.