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Ace Combat Infinity

Infinitely Free-To-Play

Namco Bandai has announced that the next entry in its high-flying arcade-style dogfighting series Ace Combat is going free-to-play. Ace Combat Infinity will be out this fall exclusively on PlayStation 3.

The title takes place in the near future and the campaign mode pits players against the series' trademark super weapons. A cooperative multiplayer mode and 4-on-4 competitive play are both included. There is no detail yet about which elements will be monetized.

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  • Brb, buying a PS3

  • I think this is pretty sweet.  I'll get free tanks on xbox 360 and then free jets on PS3.

  • Seems like it could be interesting, if it does the free-to-play model right. Games like Tekken Revolution are an example of free-to-play going wrong on the PS3.

    In Tekken Revolution, you are limited to the amount of fights you can do per day, unless you pay for more, you can pay to unlock characters, and characters can be upgraded in power, which can be bought as well. Overall, the combination of all these things makes it a really unbalanced figher.

    I also heard that they were supposed to bring a free-to-play version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate on PS3. I heard that you would have access to all of the modes, but only have access to a few of the fighters, unless you pay for it. I think most people would be willing to pay for the modes and maps, instead of paying for the characters.

    Sorry, I went a little of topic on this post.

  • Well, darn; Ace Combat, starting with Shattered Skies, defined my middle-school years (and, though I have just joined the GI community, I have been using this screen-name for just about everything for about a decade now). I upgraded to current-gen systems in 2007, and went with the 360 specifically because that's where AC was going.

    Now, as I contemplate whether to go with Xbox One (and receive a camera and microphone that I will never want to use as I highly doubt my roommates would take kindly to me talking to my games in the middle of the night since I'm sure exclusives will shoehorn in voice commands in order to justify the forced inclusion of the Kinect) or PS4 (and leave behind XBL, which hasn't had any major problems like PSN's security issues, and which has excellent support, although the way I understand it PSN has been catching up), I also have to ask myself whether I want to stick current-gen for a while longer with a PS3 as well...though seeing as the audio for the above video featured an AWACS identified as "Skyeye" coordinating an attack on "Stonehenge" pretty much means that NOT buying a PS3 is no longer an option for me. Here's hoping they'll support this long enough for me to actually get the system. I'm really starting to regret taking summer classes rather than getting a job this summer.

    Though....if they decide to put it on PS4 as well, then my decision on next-gen will be made right then.

    Time for a tangential comment:
    Funny story about the music there. That's from the intro cutscene for the final superweapon in AC04, Megalith. The first time I saw that cutscene, it scared the crap out of me. Something about the blood-red lasers firing off randomly into the sky did not sit well with the 9-year old me. Plus it was late (which didn't help the scare factor) so I shut off the PS2 faster than I've ever voluntarily shut down a system before or since. This was also before I had a memory card, either, so when I did play the game again, I had to start over (I didn't go out much, and still don't. So I'd play in one sitting.) Around a year later I worked up the courage to try again (after I had the memory card; I had previously played to the mission before, beat it, saved, and shut it down) and remembered that I was supposed to be a bad-ass fighter pilot, so I blew it up, making AC04 my favorite game up til that point, a spot it would hold for several years.
  • Another great series going the wrong direction. All i want to do is pay $60 for a game and have a single play experience. I don't want to be forced into playing Multi-player and have to grind 40+hrs to unlock anything. **** you microtransactions and Free-To-Play

  • Free to play eh?  I'm intrigued.  I'll have to check this out.

  • free see new ace combat infinity

  • see free when open PSN when maybe