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5 Star Wrestling

PSN Exclusive 5 Star Wrestling Gets Four New Screens

Developer Serious Parody is bringing a new wrestling game to PlayStation 3 soon, and it has revealed four new screens to show off the game.

Serious Parody doesn't have an exact release date for the game, but says it is "dangerously close" to completion. The game doesn't feature the WWE license, but it does feature plenty of finishing moves with more than 200 per character. The game also features a limb damage system, which can change the course of a fight partway through a match.

To see the new screens for the game, check out the gallery below. For some of our previous coverage of 5 Star Wrestling, head here.

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  • Looks good, hope it controls well and is fun to play.

  • I am probably way off on this assumption, but it looks kind of like that Def Jam wrestling game. You know, all underground-y and stuff.

  • I just want realistic commentary in a wrestling game like in the nba 2k series

  • This might be funny to laugh at in the future.

  • Anyone notice the funny parody names? lol
  • This game has A LOT to prove. BUT, WWE does need some competition for sure. This thing is reliant on user created fighters and whatnot, so the lack of content isn't a bummer for me. And the graphics have been improved since IGN debuted the title last year - now, it seems a little sharper and a little more stylized. The wrestlers have some action figure physiques now, so I'm cool - I loved WWE All Stars.

    What can I say? I hope this is good. It doesn't look like a Ride to Hell-type disaster, though if it does turn out to be like that, here's hoping it's funny. But there's no need to hope for this to fail. I just hope it can capture some of the fun, tightly tuned gameplay of WWE All Stars or No Mercy. Crossing my fingers it's fun to play.

  • Looks better than I expected it to. Hell, it looks a lot better than I expected it too. Still got a lot to prove though but I'm optimistic and with 200 finishing moves (sure that's meant to say moves) per character, it sounds like they are really trying to hit this out of the park first time.

  • Andy Organ Doing The RKO Lol

  • I hope theres a 'The Wok' and 'Stove Osten' characters

  • cant wait to frog splash everybody with Bob Van Damn

  • Interesting. I may have outgrown it, but I still love wrestling games.

  • looks weak

  • **sniff** **sniff**.....I smell a lawsuit.

  • This looks like it's running on the same engine as that "extreme" MMA game that was terrible.

  • I have no faith in this. The graphics look a generation behind. The characters are just parodies of existing wrestlers (or retired ones). The thing we need when it comes to wrestling games is originality. We can already parody wrestling wrestling games. I want to see a wrestling game where its roster is unique to it. Completely original characters and personalities. Hell make it a wrestling game set in a territorial setting much like there was in the 70s or 80s, kind of like they did with the game Legends of Wrestling 2. All original companies that, while inspired by real territories, aren't a straight up parody of them. With something like that going you could have players create their own territories within the game and have them run it by way of a game mode similar to GM Mode. Hell even have it to where the player is able to buy up or shut down the competition as the game goes on if they want. SO much potential and all it would take is some originality. I don't see that here though. So I will likely pass on this one whenever it decides to come out.

  • Andy Organ, LOL!

  • This is going to be gloriously bad haha

    Mike Iceberg all the way

  • This game has potential to be made into a good movie. Just have to see if it turns out that way. I don't have high hopes though.