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  • Blog Post: You got your 3D in my 2D

    From Software's 3D Dot Game Heroes is a complete homage to the 2D Legend of Zelda games, so much so that it would have been considered more than an imitation if it had released 20 years ago. A few other classic NES-era games get referenced, but Zelda is what the entirety of this release is based... More
  • Blog Post: Nostalgia at its best...and not so best

    You know those games that evoke a kind of nostalgic feeling when you play them? The ones that take you back to you and your NES or SNES system when you were playing Mario and Donkey Kong and trying to get used to holding one button down with your thumb to run and tapping another button with the middle... More
  • Blog Post: 3D Dot Flashback

    3D Dot Games Heroes is a blast for the past. This games reminds player of the Legend of Zelda on the Old school NES. 3D is nostalgic and a challenge for any gamer to best the mighty foes that lie in wait. You(the hero) are charged with saving the land of Dotnia and have inherited the bloodline of a hero... More
  • Blog Post: better than a lot of titles it emulates

    foremost is the game's humor, it is off the charts. the gameplay is superb, it handles better than any games it takes after. it has enuff challenge but it isnt infuriating. the music/sound-effects do get a bit irritating in their repetitiveness. i'm hoping there will be more titles like in the... More
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