3D Dot Games Heroes is a blast for the past. This games reminds player of the Legend of Zelda on the Old school NES. 3D is nostalgic and a challenge for any gamer to best the mighty foes that lie in wait. You(the hero) are charged with saving the land of Dotnia and have inherited the bloodline of a hero. But before the quest begins, a player but be chosen or created. I chose to be a  NINJA XD. Return to the Golden age of gaming in a remodel 3D version of classic adventures. Explore the landscapes and mysterious dungeons  while saving dotnia for the clutches of evil. 

Personally this game is fun and a challenge. for trophy the hero but best the bosses(without taking a aingle point of damage) 0.o I have bested one boss so fave  and i play on besting the rest. The cool part  is the player can battle the bosses as many times as the hearts desire. Although i tried creating my own character and that feature will require some determination. Gamer can choose from a template but building for scrap is a different story. 

Overall Great Game, Thank you Atlus