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2K Drive

2K Drive Launches For iOS Devices With A New Trailer

2K's appropriately titled 2K Drive is available now for iOS devices.

The developer behind 2K Drive, Lucid games, is built of former members of Bizarre creations, the studio behind games like Project Gotham Racing. 2K Drive is a realistic racing sim (sometimes) with licensed cars, and an in-game ticker with the latest automobile and racing news.

You can head here to grab the game for $6.99.

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  • I'll reserve my excitement for the Vita and 3DS versions, when they get considered...someday. One can hope, right? At one time, I remember enjoying games on my iphone. Not so much anymore though. This is cool for the people who still do. The game looks great.
  • What is the deal with game companies going for the iOS/Android market? I mean really there are something called HANDHELDS that were created just for mobile gaming. HANDHELDS! Not a stupid freaking phone! Lord....no he is facepalming also. This is just shameful. Might as well just tell Sony and Nintendo to just stop making Handhelds...well goes double for Nintendo who were the first to really prefect the whole concept with the Gameboy. Geez.......-walks off in disgust-
  • I guess it looks okay, but will inevitably not handle as well on iOS.

  • Can we get any good 3D racing games like this for Low-End phones especially for Android?


  • "You can head here to grab the game for $6.99." OR... we could wait until this thing comes to a platform WITH BUTTONS. I really don't understand why 2K and Lucid won't at least announce a PC port, let alone a console one. There's literally no walls up for porting this to PC - just look at all the smartphone games on Steam Greenlight. And with Sony and Nintendo embracing self-publishing, seriously - no walls guys. What's the point of this? This is madness. Has 2K ever played a racer on a damn smartphone? Ugh. What a waste.