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Hands On With The PC Edition of 10000000

As was revealed earlier today, iOS hit 10000000 will release on Steam tomorrow. Find out how it survived the transition.

For the most part, 10000000 is structurally identical to the iOS edition that we fell in love with (it earned our "Mobile Game of the Year" award). You still try to escape a castle by battling monsters using match-three puzzle mechanics. 

The screen has been reoriented from portrait to landscape, meaning that your fort is now three stories instead of four. On the puzzle gameplay screen, most of the information and items have been moved over to the left side. Extra room in the bottom left corner means you can keep an eye on the current missions. You still have to wait until the end of the run to confirm success or failure, but it's nice to be able to keep tabs. 

You can't see it in the screenshots, but on widescreen monitors there are black bars on the left and right. This works in your favor as it gives your mouse room to drag outside the play area. I had troubles from time to time on the iPhone version when my finger would run out of screen before I could lock in my match and the row would disappointingly snap back to its original position, wasting valuable time in the process. Overall, the mouse controls are excellent. You can see the entire puzzle at all times since your finger isn't in the way. And the glowing match indicator is much more obvious.

10000000 also receives achievements for the first time. You'll be rewarded for upgrading weapons, armor, rooms, and the like, but only the true masters will be able to score 10000000 and escape with all potions active. The hardest challenge was inspired by a beta player who racked up 10000000 at explorer rank. Anyone who's played knows that this is extra difficult because the score multiplier is much lower and you'd have to survive for quite a long time. The achievement's dubbed "The Jose" in honor of the power player.

10000000 veterans don't have a whole lot of reason to buy the game again on PC if they've already beaten the iOS version, but it never hurts to support one-man developer EightyEight Games' work on new content for both the iOS and PC editions. If you don't have an iOS device, now is the time to jump on the 10000000 train. Everyone's got a PC or Mac of some kind and this doesn't require much horsepower to run.

Check it out tomorrow for an estimated price of around $4.99.

  • I plan on getting 10000000000 on steam. It looks good.
  • I will be picking this up tomorrow. Sounds like some simple addictive fun for those days when I don't have much time to play games.
  • Sounds great.

  • I love this game. The only reason that I knew about it was because of a blog post by Kyle Hilliard. Thanks Kyle!

  • I wish this game was on android.

  • I'll invest in it and give it a try.

  • Game looks interesting

  • I already have too many similar puzzle games. 10000000 looks nice, but it gets a pass for now. If it ever appears in a bundle of some sort then I'll definitely scoop it up though.

  • I'm glad this is being released on Steam and do plan on picking it up tomorrow.

  • Has anyone tried to download this from Steam yet? I installed the game, but when I try to play it says Steam failed to launch the game (unknown reason).  And now I get the blue screen of death when I try to restart/shut down my PC.  I've uninstalled the game for now, just wondering if anyone else has encountered this.

  • *facepalm*