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Fans and owners of all things PlayStation, this is your home. Talk about the latest news and games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2-or anything else Sony related.

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  • Forum Post: Anyone Remember Intelligent Qube?

    Anyone here remember Intelligent Qube on the PS1? One of the best puzzle games I have ever played. I for one would like to see it brought to the PSN. Please Sony, Bring I.Q. to the PSN!
  • Forum Post: What are your opinions about Sony PS4 vs. Xbox One?

    I've watched just a little of the hype about the new generation of consoles but I still have some more research do before I form my opinion. Just from what I've seen and heard from other people it looks like Sony PS4 is the system to get. I own / have owned several Sony products (laptop, hd video...
  • Forum Post: PS4 Big Question

    i have a big question can i change my username with the new ps4 even though i can port my trophies over? everyone please like this up if you read i want to get the answer to this question. -GameboyJones
  • Forum Post: Has anyone heard what will happen to your PSN games? (PS4 Discussion)

    I was looking all over for information regarding this. I know that the ps4 will NOT be backwards compatible. But has there been any word on what will happen to the games that you have previously purchased through the PlayStation network when you transfer your account to a newly purchased PlayStation...
  • Forum Post: Question about inFamous: Second Son...

    I loved the last two inFamous games, and am eagerly awaiting Second Son. However, after hearing about the basic premise, of a city valuing safety over freedom, I thought to myself, is this as complex as it's going to get? A dystopian city with the intent of security becoming an oppressive force?...
  • Forum Post: petition to let xbox 360 your fellow gamers get kingdom hearts 1.5 HD collection!!!

    I am a kingdom hearts fan and i believe it plays a great role in gaming, kingdom hearts has a exciting storyline , fun and memorable characters and offers great hours of game play. However there is a important issue that is troubling me kingdom hearts is making a HD collection (this will be a HD version...
  • Forum Post: PlayStation 4, What Is Inside?

    Since the PlayStation 4 is slated to be released anytime between 2014-2017, what new technologies do expect to be built within? What other features or accessories do you think might come or be bundled with it? Just post your ideas here and see what radical thoughts you have. :D
  • Forum Post: Re: Who is the PS3's iconic character?

    Kratos could definitely be the PS3's iconic character. The God Of War Series is a great one. Nathan Drake could be too, but he is not as recognizable as Kratos considering he expanded to other games.
  • Forum Post: what kind of music can we expect for The Last Guardian

    i just wondering what kind of music they will put on this game.. because in my personal taste..i love the soundtraak for the last 2 wich directoin will take.?????
  • Forum Post: petition to make sony put all the classic king's field games on the psn network.

    though this will be entirely unsuccessful; with dark souls on the way i think it would be awesome if fromsoftware released the first three classics on the psn. i mean come on. they did in japan. i'm 100% sure people would love playing these, with full analog support, than virtual pool 3.
  • Forum Post: (Update) help quick question

    Update PS Vita wont be region locked so can i still do what i mention below if i buy gaming hardware and import it from japan will it have some kind of region lock where i cant play games...
  • Forum Post: FBI arresting Anonymous members

    According to government sources, up to 14 Anonymous members have been arrested by the FBI nationwide so far in an ongoing operation. Arrests occurred near San Francisco, in Florida and in New Jersey following search warrants issued throughout New York. So far there is no official comment, and no indication...
  • Forum Post: Bringing back the classics

    don't you ever think: "i feel like playing a PS2 game"? well i looked hard at the games between the PS3 and PS1 and read a bunch of blogs and reviews. i think i have come up with why PS2 games are sometimes better than PS3 games. At first i though it was different creators, then i looked...
  • Forum Post: Sony's Apology = Perfection

    I don't know about everyone else, but I think Sony handled the PSN crisis perfectly. 30 days of free PS Plus and TWO free games. FOUR free games if you own a PSP. And these aren't cheap little games. These are full blown titles like Infamous and LBP. If you ask me, I couldn't think of a more...
  • Forum Post: Sony's Big Three

    So I've noticed that over the course of Sony's time on the console market, they've had these three developers consistently pump out great games: Sucker Punch, Insomniac Games, and Naughty Dog. On the PS1, Naughty Dog made the Crash Bandicoot Series, while Insomniac did the Spyro the Dragon...
  • Forum Post: XBOX 360 V.S. PS3

    Sony sucks i know for a fact that XBOX 360 is so much better than any Sony station. I saw there drawings for the new controls that looks to small and hard to handle the XBOX 360 natal is great amazing.
  • Forum Post: The potential screwing up of the Uncharted movie

    Anybody who's played Uncharted: Drake's Fortune knows it is meant for the silver screen, and it could be a huge blockbuster franchise if it is done right. Too bad Sony is making the same mistakes that led to video game movies having a stigma attached to them. Instead of hiring a decent screenwriter...
  • Forum Post: Favorite PS Series

    What is your favorite series on the PlayStation1,2 or 3? Mine is Ratchet and Clank.
  • Forum Post: Cookie Monster video game? WTF/FTW

    As was announced at E3, Cookie Monster: Rehab is coming right on schedule. WTF are your thoughts on this?
  • Forum Post: Sony= Great 1st Party Games!!

    I have watched Sony this whole generation and I don't think they can go wrong, gamewise!! I just got finished seeing the reviews on the New Ratchet and Clank game and it scored another 9.0. I think that as far as their own games, they are genuises. I'm waiting for other 1st party games to catch...
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