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Fans and owners of all things PlayStation, this is your home. Talk about the latest news and games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2-or anything else Sony related.

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  • Forum Post: In with the Old, Out with the New.

    The Next-Gen Consoles have had a successful launch these past several weeks. The real question is are you guys going Next-Gen or staying with the Current-Gen? We know that PS3 games cannot be played on PS4 and vice versa. Leave your opinion in the comments below.
  • Forum Post: Looking for Killzone ShadowFall Friends

    You need a MIC I want to team up with people who know the game well and are good at holding objectives and clearings people out. I have been playing alone these past few days. It is my first time with the series but Im used to playing FPS games, so picking up the mechanics was super easy. ADD ME on PSN...
  • Forum Post: Anyone with a Gameinformer magazine subscription? Please Help!

    Hi guys, I have a huge favor to ask, in the newest issue of gameinformer (september issue #245) there's exclusive details about the upcoming Killzone Shadow Fall game for the PS4. Now I don't have a gameinformer subscription and it would kinda be pointless to subscribe only to read one or two...
  • Forum Post: Has anyone heard what will happen to your PSN games? (PS4 Discussion)

    I was looking all over for information regarding this. I know that the ps4 will NOT be backwards compatible. But has there been any word on what will happen to the games that you have previously purchased through the PlayStation network when you transfer your account to a newly purchased PlayStation...
  • Forum Post: What is on your wish list for PS4 launch features and/or games?

    First, I'd like to see hardware capable of letting developers make cross-plattform titles where the gap closes between PC and console gaming. USB keyboards are readily available, hardware should not be the reason games don't come to console. I used a keyboard for EQOA on PS2 back in the day,...
  • Forum Post: Re: PlayStation 4, What Is Inside?

    I have seen it announced that the PS4 will tie each game into a users PSN account and will only be playable when signed in. The idea being that is if you purchase a used game it will be playable as a demo until you pay a second time to unlock it. If there is any truth to this I personally will never...
  • Forum Post: Will Playstation 4 be a success?

    What do you think of the PS4? Do you think Sony will prevail? or do you think he will fail? Do you think the PS4 will deliver greatly or poorly? Will the PS4 kick ass or be second place again like the PS3? (even though for me PS3 was better) what are your expectations of the PS4? Leave your answer in...
  • Forum Post: PlayStation 4, What Is Inside?

    Since the PlayStation 4 is slated to be released anytime between 2014-2017, what new technologies do expect to be built within? What other features or accessories do you think might come or be bundled with it? Just post your ideas here and see what radical thoughts you have. :D
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