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Fans and owners of all things PlayStation, this is your home. Talk about the latest news and games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2-or anything else Sony related.

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  • Forum Post: In with the Old, Out with the New.

    The Next-Gen Consoles have had a successful launch these past several weeks. The real question is are you guys going Next-Gen or staying with the Current-Gen? We know that PS3 games cannot be played on PS4 and vice versa. Leave your opinion in the comments below.
  • Forum Post: Has anyone heard what will happen to your PSN games? (PS4 Discussion)

    I was looking all over for information regarding this. I know that the ps4 will NOT be backwards compatible. But has there been any word on what will happen to the games that you have previously purchased through the PlayStation network when you transfer your account to a newly purchased PlayStation...
  • Forum Post: petition to let xbox 360 your fellow gamers get kingdom hearts 1.5 HD collection!!!

    I am a kingdom hearts fan and i believe it plays a great role in gaming, kingdom hearts has a exciting storyline , fun and memorable characters and offers great hours of game play. However there is a important issue that is troubling me kingdom hearts is making a HD collection (this will be a HD version...
  • Forum Post: Re: How much do YOU spend a year?

    Everyone is going to have radically different amounts they spend on their hobbies. making all my monthly expenses, and feel happy about the amount m putting away for savings as I am frequently taking advantage of news deals like PS3 Ultimate Combo Pack which i bought recently
  • Forum Post: What HD Collection would you like to see next?

    Personally I'd like to se the Kingdom Hearts, and Ratchet and Clank what about you guys?
  • Forum Post: Re: PlayStation 4, What Is Inside?

    I have seen it announced that the PS4 will tie each game into a users PSN account and will only be playable when signed in. The idea being that is if you purchase a used game it will be playable as a demo until you pay a second time to unlock it. If there is any truth to this I personally will never...
  • Forum Post: RPGs on the Vita?

    Im a huge fan of the Playstation Vita, but the one thing that might hold me back from buying one is its lack of big RPG or open world games. Some of you probably aren't the biggest fans of ports, but it would be amazing if you played Fallout 3 or Skyrim on the go! So maybe at E3 we could see the...
  • Forum Post: Just gotta ask......

    If this seems like a post some of you may have read before, you are not having deja vu. I am a huge fan of shooters, and sandbox games so with the new release of Rage and only have wached the trailer on G4 tv, i need to ask 'Is this a sandbox-shooter-RPG?' or not. Please only post if you own...
  • Forum Post: what kind of music can we expect for The Last Guardian

    i just wondering what kind of music they will put on this game.. because in my personal taste..i love the soundtraak for the last 2 wich directoin will take.?????
  • Forum Post: FBI arresting Anonymous members

    According to government sources, up to 14 Anonymous members have been arrested by the FBI nationwide so far in an ongoing operation. Arrests occurred near San Francisco, in Florida and in New Jersey following search warrants issued throughout New York. So far there is no official comment, and no indication...
  • Forum Post: Bringing back the classics

    don't you ever think: "i feel like playing a PS2 game"? well i looked hard at the games between the PS3 and PS1 and read a bunch of blogs and reviews. i think i have come up with why PS2 games are sometimes better than PS3 games. At first i though it was different creators, then i looked...
  • Forum Post: Sony's Massive E3 Lineup

    Just wondering which of these games is going to be the biggest and most talked about of E3 (please no hatemail) Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception Resistance 3 Sly 4 Ratchet and Clank All4One The Last Guardian inFamous 2 LittleBigPlanet 3 (unannounced) Jak and Daxter Remake (unannounced) God Of War 4 (can't...
  • Forum Post: What is the hardest game you have ever played on any system

    In my my case most shooters because you are the main target really. Plus if you play it on hard or vet. all bullets are towards you. What do you think?
  • Forum Post: Do you think some gaming companys should stop making other products and just stick to making games

    My friend i had a fight were he thinks sony should just make games and not tv's and etc. I disagree so to prove to him I put it on GI. Bye the way i will show him the result. So what do you think ?????
  • Forum Post: When do you think games should stop making sequel ?

    What do you think?
  • Forum Post: If you can make a game what would you make and do ?

    I would have a big mmo and make it like a WOW mixed with a fable and a little piece of the sims. What would you make your dream Game like ?
  • Forum Post: What is the best PS3 exclusive games that are coming out and the ones that are already out?

    I would say that the sly collection would be the best PS3 exclusive for right now. As for coming out later I give my vote to Killzone 3 and Infamous 2. What do you think ?
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