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Will Playstation 4 be a success?

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  • The Playstation 4 will come out to be about 1000 dollars but its sssoooo AWESOME but its controller is fragile i mean VERY fragile and it'll have an O L E D touch panel and it'll also will come out late 2012


  • Yes as long as they stick with their good marketing...

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  • I think it will depend a lot on the price, and if they launch at about the same time as the next Microsoft console or give them a year's head start like they did last time.  And of course the games - that's what it's all about.  Come out with stuff that makes people say "I REALLY want to play that!" and it will sell pretty well.  

    Personally I'm not planning to buy one anytime soon.  Wait for a few price drops and for a good variety of games to accumulate.  

  • I wish they would wait a few more yrs. I feel like I haven't had my ps3 that long

  • If every game looks like Heavy Rain or better, then I'd say it should be quite a success. ;-)

  • Not if they go with the rumored download only platform.

  • It depends if they make the same mistakes as they did with PS3. They need to get more exclusives and DLC's one month early like Microsoft have been doing for the Xbox 360. They also need to make online better by supplying a free headset and making it easier to talk to friends out of games in a party chat or something.

  • Five months later and this question is still pretty difficult to answer.  There are so many factors involved, with too few details.  Could Sony take the top spot?  Yes, I think it has the capability to design a system that can out perform the competition.  The question will be can they deliver that hardware at the right price.

    I will use the Vita as a frame of reference.  The new handheld is leaps and bounds above the previous PSP in terms of fuctionality, interface and of course power/graphics.  If the new PlayStation can make that level of improvement over the PS3 then people will want to own one.

    The next big hurdle is price.  Here is where the Vita has faltered.  Now I own one, and I will say that for anyone who is an avid handheld gamer then the $250 price tag for the base model really is worth it.  I think you are getting what you paid for.  The sheer potential of the system reminds me of the PS3 in a lot of ways...in so much that once devs figure out how to get the most out of it, it will come into its own very nicely.

    But the price has kept many away despite all the positives, and the same will be said of the new PlayStation if they take the stance that their system is worth the extra money.  I don't know too many gaming elitists out there, at least not in the console gaming world.  No what Sony really needs to do this time around is offer more for less.  If they can win the price battle, or at least field a competitive price point then they have a good chance at winning the next gen war.

    Step two to that strategy is to improve interface.  The XMB was revolutionary for its time but now-a-days it is old and tired.  Sony needs to dress up its menus and provide the social interactive options that have flourished in Xbox Live while at the same time continue to provide their online services for free.  PlayStation Home was a failure to all but the most die hard of fans.  We need a more intuitive social media experience on the next PlayStation along with the consistent updates to it non-gaming media offerings.

    One thing gamers rarely think about is the fact that the "guts" of the PS3 from a game developer perspective where a nightmare to work with.  Devs eventually worked though most of the issues but I think the barriers really hurt the PS3 when it came to 3rd party titles.  Most failed to take advantage of the systems full potential and never seemed to pop like the best of the system's exclusives did.  I am confident that Sony will fix this issue in the next round.

    If the company can deliver all of the above at a competitive price point then it will all come down to where the PlayStation has always excelled in my opinion...great exclusive offerings in software.  PS4 is essentially the key that unlocks the door to a great Sony game universe.  Despite critical acclaim, the wonderful games that have been created just for PlayStation fans suffer because they have made their home on the third place console.  Sony needs to be number one so it's games can get into the hands of all the gamers who wanted to play franchises like Uncharted, Killzone, Gran Turismo, MLB, Resistance, Sly Cooper, God of War, LittleBigPlanet, Infamous, Ratchet and Clank, Motorstorm, and SOCOM...as well as hits critical hits like Heavy Rain, Journey and the upcoming releases of The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls.

    The final piece kind of goes hand in hand with software, and that is the issue of backwards compatibility.  This is a point that I have never fully understood.  What disadvantage does offering folks the chance to play their old games on the new system?  Is it a profitability thing...is it just too expensive to design?  PlayStation fans are most likely going to already own the older consoles, so for them it is more a matter of convenience.  But who Sony really needs to be targeting are the converts.

    The next gen will level the playing field back to zero, and consumers will need to decide which path to take in this new fork in the road.  If Sony can offer more for less (or same $$), access to great new exclusives AND a pretty awesome backlog of previous gen titles with only having to purchase one machine then I think folks will recognize that as a serious upside in their decision making process.  If the powers that be can take the compatibility all the way back to the PS2 catalog, then even better since they will give current PlayStation owners one more reason to invest in the new console.

  • I think it will be a sucess....but it would have to be a reasonable price and some great launch games.

  • I don't think many gamers are getting comfortable, I think they're past the comfort point. I waited a year after it's release to purchase the PS3 and am really bored with it. Having played all the important games on the system I feel they are pretty bland and boring. It's all down to personal preference and I don't think graphics make a big deal. I am captain Sony and PS1, PS2 are like my mistress. But this Gen isn't the greatest in originality and next Gen won't be either.

    Next gen Sony and Microsoft will be mediocre at best, but as far as sales, that's going to happen to Nintendo again. Nintendo found a winning formula that most core gamers don't care for but tthat masses eat it up.

  • I think the PS4 will follow the footsteps of the PS3 and PSVITA with a very slow following at first due to price. I have a vast collection of PS3, XBOX 360, Wii, and VITA games to get through so I am not ready for the next Gen of consoles, but I was also late to the current Gen party. I got my PS3 when GT5 came out. I can't believe I waited so long for that game when there were so many other big titles. Anyway the PS4 will not be as much of an upgrade over what we are getting out of our PS3's. We all had to buy HD TV's in order to take advantage of the new consoles (except the wii). So what's the next gimmick going to be? A Virtual headset, new controller, Smell-o-vision? Motion controlls were OK, but I'm still an old school gamer attached to my roots and hit up the D-pad. (Yes old enough to remember and play with joysticks, but easily let that fade into the past) Next Gen PS4 will be up to the Game Developers to bring us to that next level, but will not be a revolution. Give the PS4 about 2 years in before it will be a success.

    Will it be number 1 in the console race? A strong maybe. My Xbox 360 is collecting dust now and I'm seriously pissed that it has screen blackouts every time I use it and it's the Slim version! Fool me once... Just like the Vita it better have some great launch game or some mind blowing feature for me to jump in early or I will wait beating out old titles. I don't mind paying for quality. If price is an issue? There is a great history of gaming experiences waiting to be explored on the cheap.

  • This is a stupid and unnecessary question. The public has no information to form opinions and the question itself is hollow and pointless. There are only 3 major console manufacturers, of course it will be successful. There is no choice.

    And the PS3 is not in "second place". Not only is the a subjective sentence, but in all reality, Sony's console outsells Microsoft in every region besides the US, which it may very well have caught up already.

    As for the Wii and it's 90-whatever million units.... I consider that thing a toy, not a serious piece of gaming hardware. (That was a subjective opinion of my own, do not attack me.)

  • fo sho

    but in all seriousness to soon to tell as the system is not even announced

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