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Will Playstation 4 be a success?

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  • I think it'll depend on the price, they made a bone-headed decision releasing the PS3 at $600. A good price, and some cool launch games, I'm there day one

  • I don't think anyone can really say at this point in time.

    We'll have to wait until the finalized versions of the other next-gen consoles release and see how their features compare. For example, if the new Xbox has no physical media and the PS4 does, that can make a difference for consumers. If the PS4 ditches the overly complex cell processor, then that can make a difference for developers. However, there hasn't even been any hardware announced for this console outside of rumors and speculation.

    Regardless, I would wait until early or mid-2013 before giving even the slightest of an opinion.


  • I don't think it will do well. I don't think any of the next gen systems will do well. Gamers are just getting comfortable withthe consoles we have now. Aside from more memory and better graphics, I don't see what Sony could realistically add to a PS4 that would make me want to spend a $300 minimum for an "updated" console.

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  • I'm going with Eric, unless the next gen line up is golden and the price is right, I'm probably not going for any of the "next gen" consoles. But do I think the PS4 will be a success, yes, as long as they don't do what Nintendo did with the Wii. Will it be the best, that I dought, unless comprised of some kind of super advanced alien technology, the PC will always be superior.

  • I think its a silly question because unlike the WiiU we don't have any idea of what it will do.  It is like trying to predict if Fords 2015 car lineup will do well, or if Windows 8 will do well.

    I would address Eric though, because what he said is a common sentiment among many gamers at the end of a console generation.  This mentality of I don't need any more than I already have.  That is until they see some of the new tech in action.  Our current consoles (PS3 and 360) were not must haves till some of the games rolled out.  You then saw games like Halo3, MGS4, MW2, Mass Effect, and such.  We then realize those games are not possible on the older platforms.

    The next consoles are not just going to have a better GPU.  They will also have a better processor, more memory, more storage (better have this).  Which allows developers to do more, they can program better AI, more robust environments, greater number of objects on screen at one time, greater draw distances and so on.  One major mistake Sony can do is price the PS4 out of the average buyers market like they did early on with the PS3.

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  • The end of a generation? I hardly think this is the end of ps3s run. Not by a longshot in fact. I hate to make the comparison to ps2, but I will anyways. It led the charge for more than its fais share of years. Ps3 has that capability.

    The jump from ps2 to ps3 was astounding. Dvd to blu-ray (won't be different in ps4 as blu-ray is still the standard), a nearly endless supply of games on PSN (which wonl't change from ps3 to ps4), nearly every game having multiplayer as a staple (again, won't change from ps3 to ps4), and the huge leap in memory and graphics.

    There is the only seeable improvement. Memory and graphics. It can't be a vast enough improvement to warrant hundreds of dollars, however, because ps3 isn't prehistoric like the ps2 was when it upgraded.

    My simple question is simple... why can't there be a focus on making extraordinary games like there was with ps2 rather than a focus to hurry on to bring about something we don't need?

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  • Of course it will, I doubt Sony would release a Playstation 4 unless it was ready and up to par (if not significantly better) then leading competition. The Playstation 3 was and still is an amazing system that I am exploring. The real question is what launch games will be coming with it?

    I agree with The Second Musketeer that if the price is good I will be there right away, but as for the launch games, they best launch with some extraordinary game titles and a few unique game experiences that I'm sure we all expect from a next generation console

  • What is the “end of a console generation”?  Is it when they stop producing games for the system, is it when development priority changes from one console to the next, or is it something else?

    PS2 hit Japan March 2000, PS3 came out November 2006.  The PS2 did have good showings for a year or two after 2006, but what major releases did it have after say 2007?  I am asking because I don’t know of any.  So in my opinion the PS2 had basically a 7 year run.  So if you figure that the earliest we will see the PS4 is some time in 2013, maybe 2014 we are looking at an 8 or 9 year lifespan on the system.

    Now some of my opinion is being driven by the fact that I am a PC gamer first, just want to get that out of the way.  So I see all these great new physics and graphics engines that are being shown but not used because consoles can’t run them.  I see advanced tool sets that developers want to use but unless they make the game a PC exclusive they just can’t which is slowing forward progress.  I mean come on my phone has 4x the memory of the PS3.  Having such little memory means programmers need to be very smart about how much is happening in the game because they have nowhere to buffer anything. I look at games like Skyrim and GTA and just think how much more they could have going on, those games are not being held back by the GPU but by simple cheap memory.

    Yes the early games that come out of the next consoles are mostly going to be graphic tech demos and be little more than eye candy.  Once those are done though developers will be able to start doing some new stuff, creating more realistic and vibrant worlds for us to explore.  There are 2 ways for developers to get this ball rolling, ignore the consoles and focus on PCs or new consoles.

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  • That's where the difference lies. I don't play on PC. Naturally a computer will have better looking games.

    I'm sure that the next gen systems will sell. There will be people that are crazy enough to shell out all that cash for a new console just because its new. But, for the average gamer, the improvements won't be substantial enough to take hundreds of dollars out of their wallets.

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  • I think that it will, but only time will tell we are going to have to find out more at E3 but from what they said it kind of sounds like its not realy a new consol but just a revamped version of the PS3. They said that it will have less features than the PS3, what those features are we are going to have to find out, but I hope that it is not features that we liked. I wanna know if it is going to be able to play PS3 titles and will it support Trophies from them. They acctually might not even call them trophies they might have a whole new name for achievements. What would be cool is if they allowed us to use our Profile from the PS3 so we could keep our achievements. The price bettter be right and not make it expensive, becasue those big bulky ones over heated so they needed to make a slim one so they wouldn't overheat, so I hope that they follow this on day one so they don't need to make a new one just to fix a flaw.  

  • ps3 is too expensive, will 4 be more?


  • Absolutely.

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  • I'm sure the PS4 will be a good system. I can't really talk about why because it hasn't been announced yet, but I will say what the PS4 would need to compete.

    The PS4 should take a lesson from the Vita when it comes to good launch-day titles. Putting Uncharted out there on launch day was a brilliant move to reel people into the all new Sony system. The PS4 should have open with a great launch line-up as well. If they put a Sony made game out there like they did the Vita, their bound for success.

    Since I don't own a PS3, I really wouldn't know much about the PlayStation Network or how good it is. However, I do know that many would say that it's not as good as the competitor: XBox Live. If they worked on that a little and made it better, that would make the 360 fanboys cry.

    The last one is probably the biggest factor the PS4 should have: a reasonable price. The PS3 was last place in hardware sales for a reason. I see what they were trying to do by making it look like you bought a computer. That''s all fine and good, but in that case, make a computer and slap the $600 price tag. But I digress. When your making a game system, make it affordable like the other systems. With the Wii U being #300 and the 720 being rumored to be affordable, they should make an effort to make their system reaosnably priced. I'd hate for the PS4 to have to slash the price in half like the 3DS did.

    Overall, if they can utilize these aspects, the system would be a musthave. With the PS3 being this good, the PS4 shouldn't disappoint.

  • @Eric - The one point I think you are missing is that the current generation is holding back next generation technology. Check out the input lag between Frostbite 2 and Frostbite 1. At points, Frostbite 2 can have an input lag of a second. While not a lot, it matters when it comes to precision in shooter games.

    There is also the Unlimited Detail Engine. This would revolutionize the gaming industry in that we wouldn't use polygons but point-cloud data. Meaning instead of a pasted picture of vines on a flat plane, it would be a realistic 3D representation. This technology could never run on our current consoles. As well, physics and AI is always improving but is limited on how the system can process the data. I'm willing to spend $400-$500 on a new console if it means I can get next generation gaming engines/technologies for another 6+ years.

    As to the topic, I just hope the new PlayStation uses an AMD Accelerated Processor or some integrated motherboard. Games now are relying more on GPU than CPU and it only makes sense to have something like this. As well, I hope they make it so you can put memory cards (SD, XD, Vita flash and game cards, Memory Stick) and 4 USB 3.0 slots. Plus, you aren't supposed to make money on the console, you are supposed to make money on the media and accessories. It is just how the gaming business works.

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