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Is the VITA doomed?

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  • No, many factors went into it's poor sales in Japan, chief among them was Monster Hunter coming out for the 3DS as Monster Hunter is bigger than the Beatles in Japan. We haven't truly seen what the hardware is capable of and what we have seen is fantastic for a handheld. While I do not think the Vita will top the game boy or DS, I definitely think it will preform well sales wise. Time will tell though.

  • No, I don't. Give it time to see how it does in the U.S. The biggest turnaround will be the price definitely. Its because of that I can't get it day one. I think it will do better than the PSP, over time at least

  • I think it'll do nicely. The launch roster is varied enough where everyone will want something. The features are innovative enough where developers will be able to experiment and games wont be just mere ports of PS3 games. It may take a little time, but hardcore gamers will see that the Vita is a serious system, and not just a gimmick.

  • Sony's in a fair degree of trouble here -- if the Vita does flop out, one would have to wonder how that might impact the PS4, if we end up getting one at all.

  • Its way to soon to pass judgement......

  • For your last question no. If you shoot someone in the head, THEY dont die faster than the virtual boy. Second, i think that as devs get what works vs. what doesnt straightend out we will see a lot of better games. I am personally exited just so i can play games in my backlog, such as rayman, marvel vs capcom, and a few hd collections.

  • Just wait a year. It takes at least a year for anything to show almost all it's defects. It's too early to tell. We already have Pachter and his crystal ball, no need to do his job for him.

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  • I think it's great honestly. Everybody was just worried because the sales weren't going so well in Japan for the first month or so. But seriously, dual analog sticks on a handheld? That's a first. I have a feeling it might actually do better in North America than it will in Japan. At least until a new Final Fantasy or something of the like comes out for it. It's got some awesome potential. I'm sure the numbers will be getting better soon

  • I bought the 3DS at launch and regretted it until RE REV came out.  I mean Mario 3D Land was the only game I ever finished on it before RE.  I am already more happy with the Vita than I am with the 3DS, and the only games I have are Uncharted and Little Deviants (surprisingly awesome) .  Will it outdo the 3DS in sales?  Of course not but it won't tank either.

  • In short... NO!!  It really depends on how the games turn out.  What Sony does with the PSV and how people respond.

    I see the PSV as not only a great stand alone game console able to match the games on PS3 but also able to play PS3 games,  also able to use the PSN to play PSP, PS1, and PS2 games.  Sure some people have played these games before but there are MILLIONS os people that have not. SO there could be HD updates (with 3D, move capabilities) or ports of lesser graded games.

    In addition, the PSV could be used as a controller for the PS3, a touch screen back and front, 6axis controller that can make RTS games more intersting,   ALSO, for some DLC to existing games the controller could be add some nice differences to games.

  • I think it just depends on what you expect. Personally, I feel Nintendo is king of the handheld industry (and rightfully so), but that doesn't mean the Vita will fail miserably. I always liked the potential in the PSP, but it seemed like it was always brushed to the side and rarely had any titles worth getting excited over.

    I like what Sony's done so far with the Vita, it seems like they've corrected a few of the mistakes that the PSP made, from what I've read it's designed for 20-25 minute sessions, which is more likely how long people play handhelds, other than hardcore DS/3DS players.

    It's peaked my interest that's for sure. The PS3/Vita connectivity idea is pretty cool, and quite honestly, if it wasn't the price of a PS3 itself, and if I didn't already own a 3DS I would definitely look into getting one myself.

  • ive reviewed most of the games for vita and almost all of them have been good in my opinion  we wont really know how it is for a year but the sales numbers are looking great ...just not in japan ...it blew up in uk and usa

    more reviews here/newgamerunion.blogspot.com help support some local guys



    To begin with, I think the system was over-hyped.  Then announcement after announcement of bad news.  It seemed like the VITA started out like a must-have piece of hardware, and turned into a backpedaling machine.

    I think the majority of units that will be sold in the 1st quarter have already been pre-ordered.

    Although I have a feeling that my 3DS was a much wiser decision, I am slightly excited by the VITA.

    Do you think the VITA will die quicker than the Virtual Boy?

    Ehhhhh... Considering that the Vita has already outsold the Virtual Boy, I think it's rather foolish to think it'll just bomb like it did.  Even the most basic internet research would have shown you that the Virtual Boy didn't even crack a million in total sales, whereas the Vita has topped that already.  So, no, with that in mind, there's really no way it'll die sooner than the Virtual Boy considering that thing didn't even last a full year on the market.

    Vita has problems, no question, but it'll sell.  The PSP sold amazingly well in the face of having almost no games of its own as Sony foolishly flooded it with PS2 and PSN ports, and they spent an inordinate amount of time trying to sell UMD movies on the thing.  

    Vita is expensive, it's not backwards-compatible like the 3DS is, and there are expensive data plans for the 3G model, plus you have to buy an extremely expensive memory stick to save games.  Compare that to the 3DS which is finally affordable, is completely backwards-compatible to one of the best-selling game systems of all time, it requires no data plan, is Wi-Fi, and comes with a few games and an SD card packed-in.


     I don't feel it has enough unique gimmicks to set it apart from the PS3 myself, aside from the touch-screen, but the user interface is far and away better than the craptacular Cross Beam of the PS3 and PSP.  The analog sticks are fantastic, and the screen looks amazing.  

    I think the Vita will sell, but probably not as well as the PSP, and certainly not with all the extra expenses and high initial entry price as it is.  And I don't believe the Vita will topple the 3DS.  Frankly, with the DS as chock full of classic game styles, dungeon crawlers, old-school JRPG's, platformers, puzzle games, and the like, I expect the 3DS will continue this trend.  When it came to exclusive and unique games, the DS totally dominated the PSP, and this trend will continue with the 3DS and Vita.  

    Sony, once again, designed their portable system to be too much like a portable version of their home console rather than making it a strong portable system on it's own strengths.  That, and it's massive financial investment, will hurt it. 

  • I am not a fan of hand helds at all.  Until I played with a VITA.  I love that system.  I'm so excited at how easy it is to play games, how there's different methods to doing the same functions (using the toush screen instead of buttons).  I know people who have traded in their 3DS for VITA.  I don't think it is doomed.  I think the more people that come into contact with it, the better.  I mean, I wouldn't have bought one myself had I not borrowed my friend's to see what it was like.  

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