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  • I use to rent games, then if I liked them, I would buy them - but now I just ask my nephew what the hottest games are out there and whatever he has in his collection I will buy it for mine - he talked me into buying a PS3 about 2 months ago and he talked me into buying Skyrim - he told me some other games to get. I use to spend $200 to $300 a year on PS2 games - trade them in at Gamestop and get more games.

    So the last game I bought was Need for Speed Most Wanted for the PS3 - so far I've spent about $100 since I've had the PS3 - I paid $60.00 for Skyrim, $25.00 for NFSMW and another $15.00 for NFS The Run. So who knows what my total will be before the year is out, cause there are more games I'm wanting to buy.