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PS4 Advertising. Or lack of..

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  • I'm curious to see what you all have to say, because i just went to a Gamestop recently and noticed how biased they seem?
    Front door:  Xbox One displays, promo deals etc.   Not a PS4 in sight?

    Inside: More Xbox One (and even 360) still. A couple PS3 displays but that's it.

    And getting away from Gamestop;  I've seen at least 10 XB1 commercials on TV.  Now, maybe that's just because i live in the Seattle kinda sorta area?  But i haven't seen a Single PS4 commercial..

    So the question is..  Has Sony not started advertising?  Because this seems like a huge mistake..  Anybody who goes into a store right now and doesn't check online for game news won't even know the PS4 exists!

    Maybe i'm just blind. 

  • I have noticed the same thing at my local gamestop and have not seen a single commercial. Maybe Sony is just that damn good lol. I do see alot of online advertising (Amazon,Ebay,Target, etc) that feature PS4 preorders. Don't know much about the marketing strategies but they seem to be doing ok from what I can see.

  • So weird!  Has Gamestop always been this biased? ( I've gone less than 5 times the entire last gen cycle .. Mostly because i hate how they're constantly selling me really bad rumors as fact)

    ANYWAY.  Back in my day, FuncoLand would never stand for this.

  • FUNCOLAND FTW!!!! Lol, yeah I rarely go to gamestop normally because I usually wait for a price drop for games and gamestop extremly overcharges for used games. For instance I picked up a copy of the new Tomb Raider for PS3 online for $19.99 went to my local gamestop it was $39.99. But back to the main topic I don't think there biased maybe its because Sony hasnt sent out promo gear or displays I dont really know at this point. I do however know that everytime I go into Gamestop there Xbox area is way bigger than playstation and theres always a ton of Xbox Fanboys hanging around :/

  • From, where I live, Everything seems to be PS4 related ads right now. And I still see that Playstation live action commercial on TV sometimes. The Madden commercial shows Xbox at the end but thats about it. The Diablo 3 commercial comes on almost constantly. lol

    PS4 Advertising is Greatness Awaits

  • Where do you live?  Because i've talked to others now and they've all seen the same as me.. nothing but Xbox One.   I needs me some PS4 hype!  I see some online but that's it.

  • The last time I went to Best Buy they had PS4 ads all over the place.

  • Do you actually need advertising? The buzz surrounding  the launch of both PS4 and XBox One is more than enough. They don't really need to waste millions on traditional advertising.

    If you look at the reports from many retailers, especially in the US and the UK, they are already out of stock. The advertising will come at a later stage when there is not enough buzz, or during the launch of new games. For now, word of mouth does it for the big boys.

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