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  • I've kept almost all my receipts from all the games and accessories I've bought since around August 2010. I got bored at work and I've been meaning to add them up to see just how much I spend on video games, cause I swear my wife spends more money.

    It all added up to... ***, the calculator turned off. It was like 690 something. Is this too much? About right? Or do you think you embarrass your wallet way more than I do?

    I think it could be worse. For a while I would only buy P2 games cause I got drunk one night and accidentally gave my P3 to my roommate. But I wouldn't spend more than 25 dollars and I would walk out with 3 or 4 quality games.

    The total amount doesn't include the 120 I had to pay to get my P3 back.



    EDIT: I was going to post this in the general gaming discussion board but there's a ton of threads posted by like 2 people about live streaming sports or some crap like that. What the hell is going on there?