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Fans and owners of all things PlayStation, this is your home. Talk about the latest news and games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2-or anything else Sony related.

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  • Forum Post: Re: What can be done to make the Vita better?

    Give it better and legit games. When it came out, they had nadda, and still kinda have nothing. My idea? Another Dissida, like the one for PSP, and make it for vita only. Maybe a KH game for Vita? Something that would bring in good money, press, and be popular.
  • Forum Post: What can be done to make the Vita better?

    What are some of your complaints about the Vita and how should it go about being fixed? Personally I think if they added a real R2 and L2 buttons along with the R3 and L3 they could unlock a whole new possibility for themselves. What do you guys think?
  • Forum Post: PSP Go or No Go?

    When the Vita comes out and the inevitable price drop hits I will be looking to finally buy a PSP. I'm really considering getting the PSP Go, but I am concerned from the way it looks. I am worried that it will feel less like a handheld and more like a cell phone. I guess what I'm asking really...
  • Forum Post: Do you think that the psp is leading to a epic fail ?

    I would say yes. I own a psp and have owned every one made. The games on it are not even good and you get no type of deals on playstation network. The graphics are bad when it comes to some games. Then they make good games like god of war and metal gear are getting a bad name because there psp counter...
  • Forum Post: Tes travels: oblivion

    Way back in 05-06 on one of the preveiews for oblivion one of the editers added a side note about a supposed psp game called Tes travels: oblivion. Then it just droped off the face of the earth. Has there been any news on it or has it just been canceled without my notice? Can someone give me some news...
  • Forum Post: The Official PSP/PSP Go! Thread

    I don't see the problem with the PSP Go. I had the original PSP since day one of its release. I collected lots of games for it, and after a while, they broke on me. I couldn't take them to game stop, and i couldn't play them. then about a year ago, Game Informer was complaining about the...
  • Forum Post: Re: I bought a PSPGo and now I hate myself

    "Troll- In Internet slang , a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum , chat room or blog , with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response [ 1 ] or of otherwise disrupting normal...
  • Forum Post: Resident evil PSP

    Has anyone got any news on the new resident evil portable that they say capcom is making?
  • Forum Post: connection time out

    so i almost wet myself when i saw that they put FFVIII out on PSN and i was all excited and ready to download it to my psp. i've never had a problem this bad until now with the connection. i've downloaded other games (like FFVII) onto it before without a constant connection time out, or at least...
  • Forum Post: Call of Duty 4 on PSP

    Huh? That would be cool I think. And they could actually port the Wii version onto PSP pretty much. The Wii graphics, if put on a PSP system actually look good for a handheld. There would need to be adjustment to controls i know, but the original Modern Warfare on the GO(and maybe even Modern Warfare...
  • Forum Post: SW Battlefront on PSP

    Do you like all the SWB games on PSP? I like playing number 2 and Renegade Squadron, but don't enjoy Elite Squadron.
  • Forum Post: Socom FTB2

    Hey, Any Socom people
  • Forum Post: Who thinks the Psp Go was an epic fail?

    why? watch: I'm sticking with my 2000 model
  • Forum Post: The Official PSP/PSP Go! Thread

    A lot of people have opinions on the PSP Go!, mostly about whether it's a good thing or not. Will having all digital games be better or worse? Discuss.
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