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Was there a potential UMD transfer plan that Sony missed out on?

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  • When initially hearing about the PSPGo I was pumped like many other people potentially were.  Yet after hearing that there was going to be no UMD transfer, I quickly repocketed $250.  But was there a system that Sony did not think of in their plans of getting current PSP owners to upgrade to the Go?  I think there was.

    Now I will start out by saying that this may not work for old UMD games, so really this is more of a "I still want a hard copy of a game but i am willing to put it on a memory stick for easier portability".  While playing through Dissidia I noticed that there was a function that would allow you to transfer your game onto a memory stick, thus elimating the use of the disc.  What if Sony had stuck with using a memory stick duo card for the PSPGo instead of switching to the different card format?  This would allow people to still buy new UMDs(hoping that all companies put this feature in all of thier new games), have thier hard copy, but still have a reason to upgrade to a Go.  Have some games on the card and have others transfered onto the Go's harddrive.  In order to do this, yes you would still have to keep your old PSP model, but it would be used just for the transfer.  Yes, this also does not elimate the whole "used game market" like Sony was planning on, but sometimes you need to think of the consumer.  So for me, i think Sony shot themselves in the foot by switching the memory card format.  Now as for old UMDs, I am not that tech savvy when it comes to some things, but, who knows, maybe they could have had companies make a small patch or something that you could download for each game that would allow them to be transfered onto a memory card and all together being the UMD transfer plan that they needed all along.  So here is to wishing that a remake of the Go comes out that still uses the current PSP model memory stick.

  • Eh this is pretty annoying  but i guess dlc ftw? I think that some third party company or hacker will create a way to do it. Or you will be forced to mod it once someone figures it out.

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