The "NGP" or PSP2, is supposed to be much more advanced than the original PSP, and I am VERY MUCH HOPING that they finally release at least the 3rd Disgaea (but hopefully the 4th one as well) onto the handheld.  I really don't feel like the games are "big screen" material, and since my main source of gaming is via handheld, it would be really nice to finally get a long-playing game that I actually enjoy the game mechanics for.  It stinks because I don't have a PS3, and I doubt I'll be able to find the time to play on the (one) TV we have because my husband hogs the TV for gaming himself.

Does anyone else have a suggestion as to other games that are actually good for PSP in this similar sort of vein?  I've tried playing Phantom Brave, but the free form non-grid based play is really disconcerting to me, and I'm stalled a bit more than halfway through ZHP because it's become more grindy and less fun than before.  Spectral Souls was a bust and PoPoLoCrois made me want to walk away from the game because the random encounters were auto battles and it just took the fun away from the actual game.

I'd love to hear more feedback and suggestions from other fans of this series!