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PSP Go or No Go?

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  • Do not buy the PSP Go.  It's an all-digital system with almost no storage space (16 GB if I remember correctly), and it's unlikely that Sony will support it much longer.  As I understand it, it was generally regarded by Sony as an experiment that failed.  You cannot play retail PSP games on it, so you can't get used games for it--and with the PSP going out, that's going to be a big part of what you play on the thing.  The regular PSP can still download games, however, so you miss out on nothing having it--but you miss out on a log with the PSP Go.  Just remember to grab a much bigger Memory Stick for the regular PSP.  I have an 8 GB stick.  

    I know, it's less than the 16 GB of the PSPGo, but then again, I can actually play physical games on the regular PSP.  Plus, Sony re-released a bunch of games in 2-packs for $15 late last year.  Pretty good deal when you think about it.


    I have a PSP 3000 model (the Metal Gear Solid special edition), and I don't find it bulky or clunky or anything.  Just loud and less enjoyable overall than my 3DS.  I like the PSP, but Sony barely cared for the thing.  It's a miracle that it sold as brilliantly as it did.  


    Get the regular PSP.  Most of the current PSP's for sale come with 2 games or a game and a movie, and I think all of them come with a 2GB memory stick.  They're pretty good deals--and there are lots of different sets.

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