This my first time using the G.I. Forum so please bear with me. Why does it take so long for Sony to put some of their games up for download on the PSN ? I mean i understand it takes time to do this and convert games for digital download but still Sony had years to take the required steps to get things ready. One download that i seriously wanted to play this week was LittleBig Planet PSP. I mean is it too much to ask that you take your time and make things right and test it out and try to isolate the problem there ? Also I may not be speaking on the behalf of many dedicated Sony fans but would it kill you to make some of your game infrastructure enabled istead of ad-hoc you have to considerthe people who aren't fortunate enough to have a friend who has a psp and the same game as you. People like myself would like to make friends with people overseas and/or another state and not get slack about. Sony I have one wish to ask and i wish you guys listen to the people instead of your snob advisors we are the source of your money don't you think we should get a say so in things.? The names QU3ST10N_ M4RK if you feel the same way i do let a comment.