I am here to tell all new psp owners or people who have owned one for a while some great new and old games on the psp metal gear solid peace walker has some of the best graphics on a portable and I am not counting the vita because it ist even out yet well anyway peace walker packed to the bone with secrets and extra missions and new content i am surprised that my psp hasnt exploded from all the stuff thats in it.  medal of honor heros is another one that while the story is kind of short it has 32 person multiplayer to make up for it thats more than most some console games.  syphon filter logans shadow is the last one i am going to talk about because i am going to run out of room soon logans shadow has a good story with alot of unlockables and a solid multiplayer.  Now i know that there are alot more great games on the psp but some i have not been able to get yet. Now if you own a psp and do not own these games well get off your stinkin computer and get down gamestop walmart watever but if you do not own these you are missing out bigtime!