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In need of a PSP-3000 buyer's guide

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  • I've been in the market to purchase a PSP for some time, and I'm ready to make the plunge this weekend. I am looking for some perspective though, from those who already own one. As the title indicates, this should only be related to PSP-3000. So, here's a few questions - any input would be appreciated.

    New or used?: Are there any owner/registration benefits lost by buying used? What are the things to watch for if buying used, ie: specific spots of wear and tear, indicative sounds?

    Anything new on the horizon?: Are there any new bundles besides the Assassins Creed one to be released this year? Any substantiated announcements of a new version of the device?

    Choice accessories?: Protective cases, UMD binders, skins, battery/memory related. Any must haves?

  • I bought the Ratchet & Clank bundle and lost interest after 3 months.  The lack of games is the issue.  I sold it, with 6 games and 2GB for 175$.  

    The bundle is the best deal though if you just absolutely need a 3000.  The Dissidia Bundle is still floating around.  And the Core is 169$ by itself.  So in the bundle you get



    -SD Card

    -Downloadable game/movie depending on the bundle

    -1 year warranty

    As far as used systems go, i avoid these at all costs.  You never know who owned it, how it was treated, condition of the battery, etc.  Dead pixels have been an issue with used buyers.  It's just hard to tell what part of the life span the used system would be on....

  • I've got the entire game catalog to sink my teeth into, so lack of games certainly shouldn't be an issue for me. It's funny though, if you had asked me a year ago what I thought about handhelds... I'll just say it wasn't anything positive XD But now suddenly work has much more down time and I'm seeing the benefit for a handheld.

    I have bought almost everything I own new, and haven't had many issues with any of my electronics. However, I did end up buying a used 360 Elite after mine was stolen just because money was tight at the time - and when it red ringed a few months later, I got back a brand new one...

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