Wanna bring back the LA Rams. The current gen Madden games won't let you do this! You need Madden for the PS2!!

Get Madden 12 or any Madden game from 08 to 11 for Playstation 2. You don't have to relocate the team to change up everything!!

1. Edit the Rams roster however you want.......

2. Go to Franchise and choose them.You can also edit that and every roster on the Features menu.

3. Import your team. Go past practice and preseason, You can complete your first year in franchise, then import the team into other modes.

4. Create a team with similar colors like the LA Rams. BLUE AND YELLOW!! Create a stadium similar to uhh....Farmers Field! Make it however you like by the way!

5. Use the Rams logos on the endzone and field. Then save to your PS2!

6. Go to Play Now, load your customized Rams team, then load the created teams stadium. Have the imported Rams as the home team so you can pretend that NFL returned to LA! If they can't let you keep the team how it is in franchise while you relocate, then this is the next best thing!

I did this with Madden 04 and 08 on the Gamecube before I made stadiums similar to Cowboys Stadium and the New Meadowlands! You can do this with the Raiders too! I did it with the logo glitch for 04 a few years ago.