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sellling my ps2

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  • i wanted to know how much i can get for my ps2 slim at gamestop

    and also does gamestop buy the rock band guitars, drums, and microphones anymore if so how much could i get

    and how much could i get for just the rock band game and guitar hero 3

  • wow.. you won't get much of anything for it.. i saw a man go in there with a ps2 slim w/ controller and he only got like 25 for it and that was a while back... i can't imagine the rock band stuff going for much either...hmmm dunno if the instruments are compatible with the PS3..i have the same bundle and i don't know..

    i saw GH3 for ps2 for 10 bucks so you'd probably get like 4-5 if your lucky.. rock band was about the same so like 8-10 for the games...

    if i were you i would hold out a little bit longer, and wait for a trade in offer like trade in your console and get an additional $20 off type thing......


    just go to a different less major gaming place..

    the instruments... maybe like 50 if they're compatible...

    wanna know the most accurate way to find out?


    i did it yesterday... called and asked how much i would get for Lost Odyssey for 360 and the guy said lemme look it up...30 seconds later....10 bucks...


    <url="http://us.playstation.com/playstation/psn/visit/profiles/Lyfthrasyr"><img src="http://fp.profiles.us.playstation.com/playstation/psn/pid/Lyfthrasyr.png" width="230" height="155" border="0" /></a>

  • I gave my PS2 to a poor neighbor kid.  I gave him an old TV so he could hook it up.  You should give it away to someone; Karma.

    Gamestop will just rip you off.

  • Gamestop isn't going to give you much for it (less than 30$), I suggest keeping it or giving it to some one.

    Hating people is a lot easier then loving them

  • At least its a PS2 and not and XBox. They aren't even taking XBox's anymore.

  • Gamestop sucks and is evil.  Try selling it on ebay.  You should get more money for it plus you'll feel good because someone actually wants your system and will actually play it.

  • Gamestop stopped taking the instruments for Rock Band and Guitar Hero a year and a half ago, and the only thing they give now is a little bit for Microphones. As for the system, your better off selling it on Ebay or keeping it for some fond memory gaming in between newer games you finish.

  • i would buy it, if i had the money i collect games lol you can say i'm a game collector


    To Charm a guy you need long hair not short XD :)

  • I will never sell my ps2. It's my childhood.

  • Uh, call game stop dood

  • I still have all my systems I have had since I started gaming back in the 80s and still get them out everyonce in awhile. I suggest just keep it put it up in a closet you will get it out some day. I just took out my old NES a few months ago to play dr mario and Kirby. And I can't tell you how often I take out my old SNES to play some classic RPGs.

  • well since this post is from 2010 I'd say you probably already solved that problem. If not, I work there and it is a very sad situation. PS2 is very dear to my heart so it pains me to tell you that we don't accept any large instrumental controllers, guitar hero 3 trades in for about .5 cents (which pains me because I feel like not that long ago I was unboxing it in all its glory with tears in my eyes) and the system is about 20 bucks store credit. Try craigslist.

  • dude you should sell ur stuff on like a major site like ebay or something caus u can definatly get a ton more cash off of that stuff than going to game stop... no offence to game stop i just hate selling my games and hardware there:p

  • I sold my ps2 to gamestop. I only got 20 dollars of credit. My old DS was 25. You might get enough for some 2011 XBOX 360 & PS3 games. Used...

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