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What is better Ps3 or Xbox 360

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  • Many people I know also choose PS3

    Ezio Auditore

  • It really comes down to preference. I had a 360 for roughly 2 years and I liked it, but after it crapped out on me I got a PS3 a few months later and loved it. I was never able to get used to the controller, it's always felt awkward to me. The 360 exclusives lineup is also not exactly my cup of tea compared to the PS3. But that;s just me.

  • It all comes down to what you want from your system. I have owned both and kept the ps3 because I prefer single play to community gaming. I actually have always been more of a playstation supporter historically and basically the only reason I ever bought an xbox in the first place was to play Assassins Creed when it was released.

    "No, I buy you out, you don't buy me out".


  • They both have there flaws and achivements, I would go with PS3 its cheaper than XBOX becasue you don't have to pay for the online. It may have better online experience but in the long run when I buy a game I want to be able to play it right then and not have to spend extra money just to play it online because thats what its all about online. If you want an XBOX get it for the exclusive titles but if there cross platforme get a PS3.

    I have been a Sony fan since the begining If I had a regular XBOX and never got a PS2 then I would of bought a XBOX 360, but since I played sony from the begining I have to get the next gen.

  • @maxiboy; I'm sorry but most of what you just said was horribly wrong. "PS3 is the most powerful system." No its not, that would be the PC. "Xbox just isn't that powerful." Yes it is, its just not as "powerful" as the PS3. "Most bugs are reported on the Xbox." That's speculative, for example, skyrim had way more bugs on the PS3 than the Xbox.

    And before its argued that I'm just an Xbox fanboy, let me state that I'm not, I own all for major consoles and the only thing I favoritize are the games and game series.

  • The answer is neither. They are the same thing, but different brand. Like a Toyota Camry and a Honda Accord. Both are mid-size family cars, it just comes down to personal preference and popularity.

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  • I have been a Sony fan ever since the first playstation.  At the time it was the best game system out that didn't require a monitor, tower, and a mouse.  I understand that others are arguing that PC is more powerful than a PS3.  Chances are they have had a lot of time on there hands and have built their own gaming "supercomputer".  As far as the generalized game systems i.e. Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii go PS3 is the most powerful.  I own both systems because of the lack of two player co-op games for PS3.  Since I purchased a Xbox Christmas of '11, I have had nothing but problems with it.  It won't stay connected to my wireless, it freezes at least twice every time I play games on it, and the with the cost of the batteries for the controllers I could have bought another PS3 and just linked them.  I know that they sell the rechargeable battery packs but thats not the point.  Point is that as soon as I opened my PS3 I didn't have to go buy ANYTHING!!!  Once I shelled out the $299 for the PS3, I took it home and hooked up with everything from friends to youtube, to FPS hardcore battles.  When I opened and hooked up the Xbox I half expected to find a "some parts not included" letter.  Batteries, Xbox Live, reset your router.   Granted thats not very much but when compared to the PS3 it's a long list.  I love the graphics on the PS3, and it seems as though they (the developers) are only using about 50-75% of the processing power of the PS3.  Nasa used the PS3 to create a space situation simulator (they networked something like 250 of them or so).  If thats not processing power I don't know what is.  My PS3 will stream movies from my Macbook all day long, through wireless, no skipping, buffering, or freezing.  My xbox can't make it through opening credits of Breakout Kings.  The only thing I can say for the xbox is that its nice to be able to play a large library of co-op games.  Considering all the other things that these systems can do........thats not much.  I know that the developers for the PS3 have been focusing on the online gameplay so there is more multiplayer online than at home, however, it's a shame that one can't have the old group get together controller hand off marathons of yore.   I still agree, and always will, that the PS3 is better, but I will continue to deal with the glitchy xbox just so I can play on one screen with a buddy until the developers start to realize that theres a lot of people out there who would love to have some co-op on PS3.

  • I've had both and if I had to choose 1 i'd go PS 3

  • Why is this in the Ps2 thread?.

  • They both have their flaws.

  • I Prefer No matter what A PS3. (Rich Storytelling,AMAZING Graphics,Awesome Online Community!) and just to think that's only the TIP of Iceberg of PS3 has for any of you... So get out there Get Yourself A Ps3!

  • the ps3

  • I wanted to say PS3, but I find that I purchase more games for my Xbox.  Not that I prefer that over anything, just seems to be where I go most often.

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