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The unstoppable Ps2

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  • The year was 2001, the month was February and my dad took me to the local funcoland to pick up a ps2. When I got there I was so excited.  I was getting a Sony PlayStation 2 the most advanced gaming system on the market at that time.  With a huge library  of games I couldn't wait to pick out my first game I ever had for my new system Twisted metal black because it was a fun franchise on the PSone along with that it was the first game I got for the PSone back in the day.  A long with that  I got Kessen as well for a quick deal fun rts but got too confusing for me so I didn't play that so much.  When I left the store the clerk gave me a demo of .Hack volume one.Infection. I thought it was a fun game interesting concept an off line mmorpg with connection to the real world fun but like i said just a demo. I sat in my room for hours looking up cheat codes at school for the games I enjoyed both games but they got old and i traded them for more games and so on and so forth until this day the ps2 still plays games and a few dvd but hay its over ten years old now I have dropped this system on concrete and have void its warranty countless times trying to clean the lens and it still works it will only read dvdroms but hay most of the games are on dvdroms so it works out for me.  I just wanted to share my story about my ps2.   

  • I wish I was old enough to experience the ps2 and it's amazing games as they came out. Instead, I'm working with ebay to get the classics

  • keep at it some games that i can suggest is Twisted metal black kingdom harts one and two star wars battle front 2 (i say 2 because you can play as one of the jedi from the movies or sith what ever side your on) any GTA game tekken 4 and 5 metal gear solid 2 and 3 final fantasy ten (dont listen to all the negative reviews its a solid RPG) midway arcade tresures 2 only 2 because it has MK 2 and MK 3 thats all i can think of off the top of my head but yeah those are some of my picks for games on the ps2

  • I had the Playstation one when it first came out and the very first game I ever played on it was Resident Evil, the director's cut. That game scared the hell out of me, But in a good way lol. My husband's children blew up my Playstation 1 which I was not happy about. But kept the games. We then purchased the Playstation 2 the first version. Then he bought the slim version.  So when he decided to walk out, he took the larger ps2 but left me with three games and the slim. I have to tell you that slim version totally rocked. six years later, I still have it and a few more games for it. I bought a Playstation 3 and have enjoyed the graphics and just everything about the ps3. Skyrim blew me a way, But I have to say that the ps2 is my first love.  That gaming console got me through some rough times.  It really does it all for me.

  • The PS2 is still my favourite console of all time, I spent countless hours on that machine. Not only did it have an amazing collection of games but it was so reliable! Mine has lasted since 2001 and it still works and I played the hell out of it so that's saying something. I miss the PS2 and still play it occasionally, I just wish the PS3 would play PS2 games as it's just easier than having to set up two consoles. It's crazy to think when I got my PS3 it cost £300 and it took my mum the next few years to pay it off!

  • PS2 is g.o.a.t

     This is relevant to my interest 

  • What's awesome is they still make PS2 games, even 11 years later. Not many, but some. FIFA 13 and PES 13 came out for it last month.

  • PS2 has some of the most awesome games out there and I still dig it out and play the games even up to the 3 months ago I was playing Burnout Revenge - haven't played my PS2 system since then as i bought a PS3 before Christmas and have been playing Skyrim.

  • It rocks right? :) I have so many good memories with it, I still need to buy and beat some great games for it.

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