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Fans and owners of all things PlayStation, this is your home. Talk about the latest news and games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2-or anything else Sony related.

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  • Forum Post: PS3 Exclusives:The Question

    As you know, PlayStation 3 has released some amazing exclusives upon the release of the PlayStation 3. Whether it be inFAMOUS, the Uncharted Trilogy, MAG, Metal Gear Solid 4, or any other exclusive you can name, there is at least ONE that stands out in our minds above the others. What is your favorite...
  • Forum Post: Does anyone here play U2's multiplayer?

    I'd like to start a clan with anybody that still plays it. So tired of coming up against these 5 man teams by myself, plus it'd be nice to have a team again since no one else on my psn list still plays it. btw- HI! my 1st post and i just made this account today.
  • Forum Post: What do you expect from Uncharted 3?

    I'm not really sure what to expect. I know that it will be good, but I can't imagine it being any better than the nearly perfect second game.
  • Forum Post: Games for a 14 year old...

    Hi, I introduced a friend of mine to ps3 gaming a year and a half ago and got him really into Uncharted 2, Infamous, and Batman. Other than that he is into racing games, which are not my forte. With Brink coming out he was asking to get my help in getting that game. As a frequent reader of Game Informer...
  • Forum Post: Do you think the Nazis have more to do with the uncharted story?hear me out

    I mean think about it in Uncharted drakes fortune the nazis had a secret lab experimenting with elderodo curse creating nazi zombies because remember Nate walked into the room and the video was running the tape of them doing the experiment on a Nazi soldier and another question why was the tape running...
  • Forum Post: Anyone want to play HAWX or Uncharted 2 online with me?

    My psn name is lawlcats11 just msg me if you want to play Hawx or uncharted 2 with me
  • Forum Post: Re: Post your PSN ID here

    Hopefully my sig will display my ID with trophy list. To get one like it, go to It'll customize it automatically with updating lists of trophies, as well as a wallpaper for the latest game you're playing. Currently Playing: Bioshock, Fallout 3: Game of the Year, InFamous, LittleBIGPlanet...
  • Forum Post: Will the FHE ever come?

    Ok, I've been waiting, like, 2 weeks for sony to send me my email to get my uncharted 2 FHE. I've grown so tired of checking my email every hour, so if a winner get his/her email, post it here so that other winners could know. Or if youwant to know about the FHE, want to gloat about it, or be...
  • Forum Post: Uncharted 2 Thoughts and Discussion

    the game is so good that it sort of tends to lull you out of the fact that they are similair
  • Forum Post: Uncharted 2 Thoughts and Discussion

    It's hard to be original when the devs have to build gameplay around the story. If they do some off-the-wall original story, the gameplay will most likely suffer. In choosing a well-known story line they were more able to build the gameplay around it, making both aspects match instead of sacrificing...
  • Forum Post: Uncharted 2 Thoughts and Discussion

    Yeaah, I see what you are saying. The outline you have pointed out is evident in most action adventure games. Hero gets introduced to a legendary artifact, sets off to find it, learns that mercanaries are trying to find it also, in the end hero has to destroy it to save the world. Now, Uncharted 2 has...
  • Forum Post: Uncharted 2 Thoughts and Discussion

    Uncharted 2 was an awesome game, and I agreed with GI that it definitely blurred the line between game and movie better than pretty much any game before it. But with so much emphasis being placed on story in games nowadays, which is a good thing, I have one little beef with Uncharted 2 and other "Indy...
  • Forum Post: Should I get a PS3???

    and what 2 games should i get if i get one im thinking something like Resistance Ratchet and Clank or MSG4 and Disgaea 3
  • Forum Post: Free ps3 + invites

    hey everyone, if you want a free ps3, pm me your emails and then i will invite you to you can get a free ps3 and ps3 games
  • Forum Post: Will there be a midnight release?

    I hope so cause i cant wait anymore to play this game.
  • Forum Post: Brutal Legend vs. Uncharted 2. PS3 owners only!

    uncharted im gonna buy im gonna rent BL. I think they are both gonna be good but uncharted will (in my opinion) be the better game.
  • Forum Post: Brutal Legend vs. Uncharted 2. PS3 owners only!

    As a PS3 owner, is there ANYONE that plans to buy Brutal Legend over Uncharted 2? In the poll that was put up a few days ago regarding the issue, it allowed Xbox owners to contribute, but that's not really fair because they don't exactly have a choice. What are you guys gonna buy?
  • Forum Post: Re: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

    This game is going to do big for Naughty Dog. I've been playing the demo and it's so good and so much fun! The animation is just so fluid. I pre-ordered the game but I'm headed to the sneak preview they're doing at a movie theater near me next week. I hear they might raffle off copies...
  • Forum Post: the official Uncharted 2: Among Thieves thread

    What are your expectations? Who's planning to snag a copy? I've played the game to completion, and can answer an questions you may have (pending spoilers). Fire away!
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