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Fans and owners of all things PlayStation, this is your home. Talk about the latest news and games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2-or anything else Sony related.

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  • Forum Post: why did you get a ps3?

    i used to have a ps3 but i had to sell it now i have a new one :)
  • Forum Post: Modern Combat: Domination

    Check out this great new shooter coming out on the PSN for only $7.99. Modern Combat: Domination. I don't care if it is a total rip-off of Call of Duty. I want it soooo bad, and it has Move controls. WIN.
  • Forum Post: Should I get a PS3???

    and what 2 games should i get if i get one im thinking something like Resistance Ratchet and Clank or MSG4 and Disgaea 3
  • Forum Post: Zone of the Enders

    I thought they were mechs, not robots. Can someone clear this up for me?
  • Forum Post: Brink

    A fallout style skateboarding game, awesome!
  • Forum Post: Re: niga gaiden 2 or smacdown vs raw

    keith milne: how is this racist im asking your opinon on which game to get "niga"
  • Forum Post: Heavy Rain the greatest game ever made

    Is this thread the biggest overstatement ever. This kind of hype is what dissapointments are made of. Welcome to talking about what we don't even know.
  • Forum Post: What do you guys want in the next Playstation?PS4

    Cross-game chat and universal game invites . . . hell I want it to have XBox Live, without the cost.
  • Forum Post: Anybody Still Playing Rainbow Six Vegas and V2?

    Nice ad for your website.
  • Forum Post: Zone of the Enders

    I think the only reason I ever even touched this game because one of them had a Metal Gear Demo. My brother would hurt me right now if he knew this is the way I felt. Don't tell him.
  • Forum Post: Brink

    What is brink? Is it a skateboarding game. I like skateboarding. I'm not very good, but I do like skate. I think I saw this movie, was it on the Disney Channel? If it was then I am all over this game.
  • Forum Post: Zone of the Enders

    People really like this game?
  • Forum Post: Should I get a PS3

    I think you should stick to the 360, because most of us are elitist and would rather have the common folk stay in their holes.
  • Forum Post: niga gaiden 2 or smacdown vs raw

    This post is racist and I refuse to comment! "niga"
  • Forum Post: What old games would you like to have in HD?

    I would love to see an HD version of Madden 2005, last good version of Madden, period, end of discussion, it's over, nah nah nah nah nahh nahh, hey hey hey good bye.
  • Forum Post: What Shoul I get This November

    I think you should sell your body for some extra cash and get both! And by sell your body I mean give seamen, and by give seamen I mean blood.
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