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Fans and owners of all things PlayStation, this is your home. Talk about the latest news and games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2-or anything else Sony related.

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  • Forum Post: When Will The Last Guardian Come Out?

    Let's play a game, shall we? As many gamers know, we were all fascinated by the announcement that the people, that gave us Ico and my personal favorite, shadow of the colossus, has revealed their new game. That was almost 6 years ago when the PS3 was still young. Now it has been at a point that people...
  • Forum Post: Re: Will You Get The PS4 or The Xbox One?

    PS4!!! I read here that the Xbox One takes a long time to install games. 16 minutes is written here . This is a page in German , it was translated with Google Translator . I love the PS4
  • Forum Post: What Game Will you Play on Next Gen First?

    I think the great way inaugurate the next generation of gaming is with a great game. I'm having trouble deciding which game I should play first on the ps4. Either knack or Shadowfall? Have you decide what the first game you'll be playing? Also please help me decide what I should play first!
  • Forum Post: PlayStation 4: What Are YOUR "Day-One" Games?

    You can bet your pretty little head that the PlayStation 4 will be in my house November 15. That's a sure thing. However, some of us still haven't decided what games we will be getting for it. Since Watch Dogs is officially no longer available as a launch title I will be moving that reserve money...
  • Forum Post: Will You Get The PS4 or The Xbox One?

    We have both seen Sony's and Microsoft's conference revealing thier next gen consoles. But which one were you mostly excited about? If you were to choose, would you get the Xbox one or the PS4? Why?
  • Forum Post: What Games Are You Looking To Get For The PS4?

    Sony revealed many great games that will come out for the PS4. The games I'm looking forward to getting are, Destiny, Killzone, inFamous, Assassins Creed 4, and maybe Diablo 3. Are there any games that you're looking forward to getting?
  • Forum Post: What Sony-Owned Franchises Are Most Likely to Launch With the PS4?

    The Internet is going crazy with all the rumors circling around about Sony unveiling the PS4 on Wednesday. Obviously, when the PS4 launches it will need a lot of first-party support, which the PS3 did not have in its launch window. Sony has tons of big-name exclusive franchises that it could use it launch...
  • Forum Post: Should I get a PS3???

    and what 2 games should i get if i get one im thinking something like Resistance Ratchet and Clank or MSG4 and Disgaea 3
  • Forum Post: What do you guys want in the next Playstation?PS4

    Cross-game chat and universal game invites . . . hell I want it to have XBox Live, without the cost.
  • Forum Post: What do you guys want in the next Playstation?PS4

    I know this isn't happening any time soon just thought it'd be a interesting discussion. Anyway, I want all games to be offered digitally, more power for the web browsing, PS2 playback added or at least PS2 game downloads off the PS Store. Also I think it would be cool to have more apps so I...
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