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Fans and owners of all things PlayStation, this is your home. Talk about the latest news and games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2-or anything else Sony related.

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  • Forum Post: Re: What's the First PS3 Game you ever played?

    OHH first PS3 game!!! lol God of War ® Saga & Deep Red DUALSHOCK ® 3 l I had bought it before the PS3, cause of the special i have heard that playstation is launching an Ultimate Combo Pack for PS3
  • Forum Post: what is you favorite part in the whole entire sly collection?

    out the whole sly sly series (sly cooper and the thievius raccoonus),(sly 2:band of thieves),(sly 3:honor among thieves) what is you favorite part?
  • Forum Post: Dear Sony...

    As an avid ps3 fan I'm a little disappointed in the rumors of the next console. So here are a list of things that would make my decision to buy the next playstation console an easier one. 1. Cross game chat - I'm tired of not being able to talk to my friends when I'm playing a different game...
  • Forum Post: Starhawk BETA?

    So if you have downloaded the Starhawk BETA from the PlayStation store, what are your thoughts/opinions on it? I'm liking it so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Santa Monica studios delivers us for a finished product!
  • Forum Post: First PS3 and need suggestions

    hello everyone. I am just now getting a PS3. I have my Xbox and I love it as well. But I play the ps3 with my brother when I visit him and several family memeber who dont live with me no more have a ps3 and so Ive decided I want to get one as well. I need some suggestion. First off with student loans...
  • Forum Post: Rising Youtube Channel!

    Hey everyone! My name is Yawrence667 and I just recently started a Youtube channel for gaming. I mainly post Modern Warfare 3 gameplay on my channel but I do post other games as well. I would really appreciate it if you guys would check out my channel! Here's a short video from my channel: Thanks...
  • Forum Post: Downloading patches.

    OK this may be a dumb question, but when skyrim patch 1.3 comes out on ps3 will 1.2 be included with it or will I lose the ability to download 1.2??
  • Forum Post: Best Open World games ever?

    in this thread we will discuss your favorite open world games ever!!! you can also discus why you think certain games are better than other ones.
  • Forum Post: What Do You Want In A Video Game?

    What does a video game need In order to be perfect?
  • Forum Post: What is the BEST PS game?

    There are so may games that came out for the playstation, so there has to be a game that you love. Tell everyone the best game that you have ever played. and tell us why.
  • Forum Post: Features of PS4

    What could be some features of the ps4?
  • Forum Post: I need a Dead Island buddy. Anyone? :D

    So yeah, I need a buddy. :) I prefer playing with someone besides being alone and the fact that with a buddy it's a lot more fun and helps. I would like a regular buddy or so. :D So please, add me! Much thanks and appreciation. :3 My ID's NozzleNoes. :)
  • Forum Post: What is your favorite game for the Ps3 and why?

    Just state your favorite game for the Ps3 and why it can be any genre. The only rule is that the game can't be a ps2 game remade for the ps3 it has to be a game original to the ps3.
  • Forum Post: GoWC for AC2

    Okay, so I have finally recieved all of the trophies for God of War Collection, and I want to get rid of the piece of junk, (Challenge of the Gods, urgh..) and now that Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood has come out and now they're working on the next installment, I was wondering if maybe Assassin's...
  • Forum Post: I'm looking for a good MMO

    So i've been looking into playing more online games for my PS3, and I know PSN is down, but I've wanted some new games. DCU is pretty good, but its nothing I would buy. Are there any new games that came out that are worth looking into? I know of MAG, Skyrim, Rift, and WKC2.
  • Forum Post: LBP 2 Question

    Does anyone know how to create a working keypad? Complete with hand, used to open a door only when the correct numerical sequence is entered. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • Forum Post: The official "That game should've had trophies!" thread.

    Yes the title really sumed it all up. You know you've ran into at least one really great game without trophy support, personally I feel this leaves those masterpieces to be left behind and faded like a memory. Do you feel the same way? What games have you encountered without trophy support? Here...
  • Forum Post: MORTAL KOMBAT

    Even though i think the movie will suck im pumped for this game!! anyone else??
  • Forum Post: What PS2/Dreamcast games would you like to see bundled in a HD Pack?

    So many have been done like the Sly series,God of War Collection,Tekken 5,Sonic Adventure,and Crazy Taxi. Personally I think the Metal Gear Trilogy(Twin Snakes and the substances for 2 and 3) would be incredible in HD redone along with the 3 GTAs(III,Vice City,San Andreas). Shenmue 1 and 2 would also...
  • Forum Post: Anyone want to play HAWX or Uncharted 2 online with me?

    My psn name is lawlcats11 just msg me if you want to play Hawx or uncharted 2 with me
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