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Fans and owners of all things PlayStation, this is your home. Talk about the latest news and games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2-or anything else Sony related.

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  • Forum Post: When Will The Last Guardian Come Out?

    Let's play a game, shall we? As many gamers know, we were all fascinated by the announcement that the people, that gave us Ico and my personal favorite, shadow of the colossus, has revealed their new game. That was almost 6 years ago when the PS3 was still young. Now it has been at a point that people...
  • Forum Post: What Sony-Owned Franchises Are Most Likely to Launch With the PS4?

    The Internet is going crazy with all the rumors circling around about Sony unveiling the PS4 on Wednesday. Obviously, when the PS4 launches it will need a lot of first-party support, which the PS3 did not have in its launch window. Sony has tons of big-name exclusive franchises that it could use it launch...
  • Forum Post: Re: What is the best and the worst game you ever played on the ps3?

    Best game on the ps3 for me would be... God of War 3. The worst would be Playstation Allstars Battle Royale. It's fun, but I feel that they did a lazy job making the game.
  • Forum Post: Now get access to all the killer stuff you want with PSN cards

    Enlist in the Network and join the ranks of those who take entertainment seriously. you get access to all the killer stuff you want , right when you want it. Use PlayStation network cards to buy download games, game add-ons, movies, and play on your PlayStation 3, PS Vita or PSP
  • Forum Post: Re: What's the First PS3 Game you ever played?

    OHH first PS3 game!!! lol God of War ® Saga & Deep Red DUALSHOCK ® 3 l I had bought it before the PS3, cause of the special i have heard that playstation is launching an Ultimate Combo Pack for PS3
  • Forum Post: COD: Black Ops Down?

    Anyone else experiencing problems trying to get online w/ Black Ops? This does not appease the gods...
  • Forum Post: Who Should Be on Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale?

    According IGN (not as good as GI), the first six confirmed characters are: Kratos (God of War) Sly Cooper (Sly Cooper) Ratchet ( Ratchet and Clank) Fat Princess ( Fat Princess) Sweet Tooth ( Twisted Metal) Mael Radec (Killzone) PaRappa the Rapper (PaRappa the Rapper) Who else do you think should be in...
  • Forum Post: Why all the Move hatred?

    Why is there so much PlayStation Move hatred out there amongst the core players? Am I the only one that thinks Killzone 3 was actually better with the SharpShooter peripheral? I'll be the first to admit that there is a problem with the Move system, but only in so far as there just isn't enough...
  • Forum Post: Best Open World games ever?

    in this thread we will discuss your favorite open world games ever!!! you can also discus why you think certain games are better than other ones.
  • Forum Post: What Should The New PS4 Have?

    This thread is just for fun. Just want to hear other peoples opinions about what the ps4 would or should have.
  • Forum Post: Favorite gun in Battlefield 3

    Whats your favorite gun in battlefield 3. Also what do you equip you gun wih.
  • Forum Post: What are the top ten best PS3 games 2011?

    What are your top ten favorite games this year?
  • Forum Post: Scariest Game?

    What is the most scariest game you have ever played? if you ask me, it's Amnesia: Dark Descent
  • Forum Post: What Do You Want In A Video Game?

    What does a video game need In order to be perfect?
  • Forum Post: Stopping multiplayer cheaters

    x_SCREWSTON-x is a known cheater on several Playstation 3 multiplayer games including Red Dead Redemption and Call Of Duty Black Ops. According to x_SCREWSTON-x "I am legendary on Black Ops". Who does this joker think he is? Several gamers have already filed reports against this loser for using...
  • Forum Post: GTAIV Online

    I just realized that I'm still missing a ton of the online trophies for GTAIV. Is anybody else missing these goodies? Any interest in working together to obtain some of them? My PSN is vegetollo7 and/or feel free to comment below. If messaging, use GTAIV for the subject title. Best of luck to us...
  • Forum Post: Far Cry 2: Online Trophies

    I recently finished getting all of the single player trophies in Far Cry 2 so now I am staring to work on the online trophies. Does anybody else need these online trophies. My PSN is vegetollo7 and just put Far Cry 2 as the subject. Also feel free to comment below as well if interested. Happy gaming...
  • Forum Post: Which Platinum trophy(s) did you find rather easy to get?

    I recently got my 7th platinum from L.A.Noire and I must say that was the easiest of all my platinums. It took me a month,I had it done on 6/20. My other platinums are in Sonic's Genesis Collection,Fallout3, Red Dead Redemption, LBP 1 &2, and Borderlands. Yes, L.A. was easier than Sonic for me...
  • Forum Post: Playstation hackers arrested

    I have not seen this posted yet, so am including a link to the NY Times and USA Today articles, though the story is making news elsewhere as well.
  • Forum Post: GoWC for AC2

    Okay, so I have finally recieved all of the trophies for God of War Collection, and I want to get rid of the piece of junk, (Challenge of the Gods, urgh..) and now that Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood has come out and now they're working on the next installment, I was wondering if maybe Assassin's...
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