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Fans and owners of all things PlayStation, this is your home. Talk about the latest news and games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2-or anything else Sony related.

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  • Forum Post: What Makes a Great Game? Help me plz

    Like you, I love video games. I have such a passion for video games and would want to get into the gaming industry as either a game developer or designer. But n order to be one, I need to get a tight grasp on what makes a good video game. I mean, I know what makes a good game, but I want to know what...
  • Forum Post: Best Open World games ever?

    in this thread we will discuss your favorite open world games ever!!! you can also discus why you think certain games are better than other ones.
  • Forum Post: How to delete a group?

    i made a big mistake with my group. how can i delete it?
  • Forum Post: I need a Dead Island buddy. Anyone? :D

    So yeah, I need a buddy. :) I prefer playing with someone besides being alone and the fact that with a buddy it's a lot more fun and helps. I would like a regular buddy or so. :D So please, add me! Much thanks and appreciation. :3 My ID's NozzleNoes. :)
  • Forum Post: Which Model Of Playstation 3 Is Better? (Fat or Slim)

  • Forum Post: What Games Should I Pre-Order?

    What games should i pre-order for my PS3, im already getting Uncharted 3 collectors, and MW3, but with all these new releases i dont know what to choose. I would get Prey 2, but after Brink, bethesda really messed up the parkour genre. Im also putting down some money for a 3G NGP. Any help guys/gals...
  • Forum Post: Games for a 14 year old...

    Hi, I introduced a friend of mine to ps3 gaming a year and a half ago and got him really into Uncharted 2, Infamous, and Batman. Other than that he is into racing games, which are not my forte. With Brink coming out he was asking to get my help in getting that game. As a frequent reader of Game Informer...
  • Forum Post: I'm looking for a good MMO

    So i've been looking into playing more online games for my PS3, and I know PSN is down, but I've wanted some new games. DCU is pretty good, but its nothing I would buy. Are there any new games that came out that are worth looking into? I know of MAG, Skyrim, Rift, and WKC2.
  • Forum Post: I'm New, I have questions.

    Well, Yeah.. I'm new here. I love GI and all that, nice to meet you :-]. Anyway on topic, I'm planning on getting a PS3 this summer (If you want to know why I'm 4 years late ask) and I want to make sure that I get all I can get, for the best price. I consider myself a hardcore gamer, as most...
  • Forum Post: How do I make delete data on the Playstation 3.

    My system say I have half a gb left when I only have data for 10 games stored on my 60gb anyone know what may be the problem any help would be nice.
  • Forum Post: Anyone having issues with the Playstation Store?

    I have been using the same debit card at the Playstation store for a long time. Now for some reason it is saying that my card is not valid and will not let me purchase any items. I've also tried using other credit cards etc... Nothing seems to work. Is anyone else having a similar problem? Planet_X
  • Forum Post: Do you want to help me in Demon's Souls?

    Anybody on here want to help me beat some bosses on Demon's Soul. I am trying to get the Platinum trophy and am on my 4th playthrough of the game. I am finding it a little hard to beat some of the bosses by myself and can't find many blue soul signs for help. I am at soul level 152. Anyone out...
  • Forum Post: Ps3 trophies help.

    Okay. I have two ps3s. One at my house, and one at my dad's. Is there a way I could Play at my house, get trophies, then go to my dad's and contiue to get trophies?
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