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Fans and owners of all things PlayStation, this is your home. Talk about the latest news and games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2-or anything else Sony related.

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  • Forum Post: Playstation 3 gaming clan!!!!! (Check it out)

    INTERESTED IN GAMING!?!?!? Want to see videos on Call of Duty, Minecraft, Dead Space, FIFA and much more? Check out our YouTube channel all you gotta do is subscribe, sit back, watch. Prepared to be entertained and informed
  • Forum Post: Rising Youtube Channel!

    Hey everyone! My name is Yawrence667 and I just recently started a Youtube channel for gaming. I mainly post Modern Warfare 3 gameplay on my channel but I do post other games as well. I would really appreciate it if you guys would check out my channel! Here's a short video from my channel: Thanks...
  • Forum Post: What Do You Want In A Video Game?

    What does a video game need In order to be perfect?
  • Forum Post: Dust 514

    I am very interested in picking up Dust 514 and I was wondering if anyone would like to make a dust 514 corporation entirely from game informer users. Also if any current Eve players want to offer their corporation to ally the group with feel free. If anyone can help out with info about what needs to...
  • Forum Post: Far Cry 2: Online Trophies

    I recently finished getting all of the single player trophies in Far Cry 2 so now I am staring to work on the online trophies. Does anybody else need these online trophies. My PSN is vegetollo7 and just put Far Cry 2 as the subject. Also feel free to comment below as well if interested. Happy gaming...
  • Forum Post: What Games Should I Pre-Order?

    What games should i pre-order for my PS3, im already getting Uncharted 3 collectors, and MW3, but with all these new releases i dont know what to choose. I would get Prey 2, but after Brink, bethesda really messed up the parkour genre. Im also putting down some money for a 3G NGP. Any help guys/gals...
  • Forum Post: ps3 games of 2010-11

    So, i broke my ps3 back in 08 and i fixed it just yesterday. But now its almost completly useless without any good games. what are some good present ps3 games.
  • Forum Post: Newcomers must get ps3 game list

    Hey ps3 community, after being an xbox player for about 4 years know its time for a change. Now i have a brief list of games that i've heard and know that are good ps3 exclusives. GOW3 Killzone 3 and uncharted 2. But if anyone could help me on what other games,or accessories i need for the ultimate...
  • Forum Post: Killzone 3 multiplayer

    With Killzone 3 being out for almost a month now,alot of us have gotten some hours under our belt with KZ3 multiplayer.I personally think this is one of the better multiplayer FPS out now. Comment what you think about it and what you like to use in KZ3 multiplayer.
  • Forum Post: Homefront Clan

    As many of you know, a new game called Homefront is coming out soon. It looked pretty cool, so I pre-ordered it. I heard that there's gonna be a clan system in the game. I want to start a clan called AOD( Angels of Darkness). If anyone wants to join, add Somethingidk on Playstation Network. I'll...
  • Forum Post: Killzone 3 Beta Impressions

    Well was wondering if anyone else in here is in the Killzone 3 beta and if so what your impressions are on the direction they have taken the series and over all thoughts on the beta.
  • Forum Post: Which PSN available shooter still has an active multiplayer?

    Ok, i'll admit it, i'm not a BIG fps fan, but occasionally, i like blasting someone in the face, so i'm thinking a nice cheap purchase of an older title on psn might hold me over. From what i can see, Battlefield 1943, and CoD:Classic, are both available on psn, relatively cheaply, but can...
  • Forum Post: Anyone want to play HAWX or Uncharted 2 online with me?

    My psn name is lawlcats11 just msg me if you want to play Hawx or uncharted 2 with me
  • Forum Post: *** LOCKED *** What Ps3 game should i get?

    Ok so i just got my ps3.What games should i get for christmas?(i already got mw2 for xbox and Mgs4 for ps3)Thanks
  • Forum Post: Similarties

    Has any one noticed certain similarities between these two hit PS3 games Uncharted and Infamous. 1. Both have strong Platforming elements 2. As you take damage the color of the world turns slowly to black and white 3. In both games you hold down L1 to aim in over the shoulder veiw to shoot guys with...
  • Forum Post: Free ps3 + invites

    hey everyone, if you want a free ps3, pm me your emails and then i will invite you to you can get a free ps3 and ps3 games
  • Forum Post: Looking for the MAG beta players.. HELP!

    I've just started the new Gamestop beta and yes the people who already had the beta before hand are wrecking the noobs. But weather it's your firsts day also, or you've been there from the start. I would like to really play with the gamers who want to play to win. All the podcasts and blogs...
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