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Fans and owners of all things PlayStation, this is your home. Talk about the latest news and games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2-or anything else Sony related.

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  • Forum Post: Best Class in Borderlands 2

    Who do you think is the best class in the game? I think the Mechromancer is awesome!
  • Forum Post: Playstation 3 gaming clan!!!!! (Check it out)

    INTERESTED IN GAMING!?!?!? Want to see videos on Call of Duty, Minecraft, Dead Space, FIFA and much more? Check out our YouTube channel all you gotta do is subscribe, sit back, watch. Prepared to be entertained and informed
  • Forum Post: Looking for a Borderlands buddy!

    Ok so sadly none of my friends play Borderlands (I know right? They suck). I used to play with a friend of mine about a year ago but now she doesnt ever get on :/ And since Ive played the game co-op, Ive had a hard time enjoying it playing solo. Now youre probably wondering why I dont just play with...
  • Forum Post: What Do You Want In A Video Game?

    What does a video game need In order to be perfect?
  • Forum Post: Which Platinum trophy(s) did you find rather easy to get?

    I recently got my 7th platinum from L.A.Noire and I must say that was the easiest of all my platinums. It took me a month,I had it done on 6/20. My other platinums are in Sonic's Genesis Collection,Fallout3, Red Dead Redemption, LBP 1 &2, and Borderlands. Yes, L.A. was easier than Sonic for me...
  • Forum Post: A Collector's Keepsake (PS3)

    Welcome My Fellow Gamer, I have seen many threads in GI Forums with the same similar questions. Which game to buy for PS3? Here is a selection I believe these are a *must own*. Starting for the top left 1. Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection Ever wish you still had the sega genesis to relive old...
  • Forum Post: Re: The official "What PS3 Game Should I Get" thread

    Screw that, Get Bioshock, play it through then play it again, then get bioshock 2, both awesome games
  • Forum Post: I Got $60 To Spend!

    OK, so I know this is a very common thread but bear with me. I got $60 to spend on one PS3 game and I need help figuring out which would be the most bang for my buck. Of the following, which would you recommend: Borderlands Brutal Legend Assassin's Creed II Modern Warfare 2 Demon's Souls Ratchet...

    This Easter Egg will best be understood if you have the DLC for borderlands. If you do have it you know that Dr. Ned has been performing tests on the people of Jakobs Cove and turning them into zombies. What you probally don't know, however, is that he works on more than just people. He also works...
  • Forum Post: Re: Post your PSN ID here

    Hopefully my sig will display my ID with trophy list. To get one like it, go to It'll customize it automatically with updating lists of trophies, as well as a wallpaper for the latest game you're playing. Currently Playing: Bioshock, Fallout 3: Game of the Year, InFamous, LittleBIGPlanet...
  • Forum Post: Add me as a friend!

    ok so this is pretty much pointless, i just need friends on GI
  • Forum Post: Are you seriuosly going to find and try all the guns in Borderlands?

    i thinks its too many....i dont need all of this guns!
  • Forum Post: Modern Warfare 2 Vs. Borderlands?

    Im just wondering how many of you are buying both? or just one? I want both but the fact that Borderlands its something new to experience, and MW2 is an upgrade to MW. Makes it hard to choose (don't have enough $ to buy both) Are you having the same problem? or already chose one?
  • Forum Post: Borderlands Player Central!

    Heres a forum to help other Borderlands users find people to play Co-Op with if youre like me, and none of your friends bought the game. (So what if it's a new IP, it's friggin awesome!) So just put your PSN name down and maybe things some other people should know. (Mic, class, lvl?) PSN: Bulbasore...
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