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Dust 514, as bad as GI makes it seem?

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  • i found it annoying at times...but hey im not the biggest fps fan out there

  • I haven't been huge on FPS' since COD4, but Dust 514 is one hell of a fun game. In my opinion, the little RPG elements make it that much more immersive. One has to really think about how he/she wants to go about playing - the possibilities are endless. It's what I've always missed when playing the Battlefields and CODs of the gaming world; sure, you can customize your weapons and pick and choose between perks, but ultimately, it still always feels like all players are equal (for lack of a better word). With Dust, on the other hand, you basically create a specialist in whatever area that speaks to you. If you're a sniper, don't even think about running into a battle between folks with assaults rifles or SMGs - no way in hell will you be able to run around no-scoping everyone. If you're all about assault and you think you can pick off an enemy sniper from across the map, you're in for a few disappointing moments. All of this makes the game feel that much more tactical. I'm not saying other FPS' lack this, I'm saying Dust does it so damn well.

    That being said, I don't remember reading too much about the game on GI. The GI staff might indeed have some great points on what the game might be lacking. I'll have to do some searching. I've rambled on more than I had intended to, but yeah, I like the game. Sometimes I still can't believe it's free.

  • Well, I'm not a fan of MMO games, but I though there was just too much going on with the race, the army, the weapons, and armor. Also I thought the gameplay was flat. 

  • I think the game is truly intriguing. It offers a ludicrously deep customization option and has some absolutely fantastic ideas. Like you and everyone says though, it needs ALOT of work to reach it's full potential. I think if they really integrated dust with eve, and I mean tied the games together seamlessly, it could be the start of something incredible.

    Just imagine this; an Amarrian Avatar is crippled and beyond saving. But what about all of those precious materials in the wreckage? A security force on board defends what's left of the ship from marauding boarding parties as eve players struggle against each other outside for the massive prize. Or have almost zero g fights on mineral encrusted moons or fight for control of a valuable space station. The possibilities with this game are endless.

    But as it stands right now, it is pretty bland, especially if you don't know any eve players or don't have friends in corporations. I'd love to see it become something truly awesome and unique.

  • OK, so I have been looking at this game and have started to feel that I made a mistake trying to defend it. I go back to BF3 and have actually improved by leaps and bounds there. So if you feel you could use some improvement in BF3, play this for a week or to and go back.

    This game is broken and although, they have great ideas, they are poorly implemented.

    The academy that I had looked at as something to let new players catch up to veterans enough to compete, is not. After only 100K skill points earned  the academy is closed. Thank you CCP right, just started crawling and now I'm playing with the MVPs of the NFL.

    I had thoroughly enjoyed the game in it's closed beta stage and felt competent on the field of battle. Every patch so far has brought a new game changing addition or subtraction or hell it just goes down the tubes further with every patch.

    The controls are junk and hit detection is spotty at best. I have unloaded full magazines into opponents and only managed to scratch their shields. I have then been one shot killed by pistols. The game is broken and instead of fixing the issues they seem more interested in shaving it off and sanding than actually repairing it. They have introduced weapons that are completely over powered. There is a constant loop of the same 3 maps.

    If you want something new to pass a little time then yes this may be a decent choice as you have to invest zero dollars.  They have some amazing ideas for the game and it has potential to become a good shooter while you wait for BF4 or one of the other many FPSs that are coming soon.

    So is it as bad as GI insinuates?

    Yes, and I am done trying to coat this turd in gold, or silver, copper, tin, another turd, I don't know but it isn't something worth your time unless you completely dominate at FPS games. It is not for a casual gamer and never will be.

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